Tips for Safe Mobile Holiday Shopping

Tips for Safe Mobile Holiday Shopping

BANGKOK,  December 26, Mobile devices and retail apps have made it easier than ever to shop and gift on the go. In fact, 58 percent of U.S. consumers used smartphones and 42 percent used tablets to shop during Cyber Monday 2012 (IBM). However, with more and more people shopping from unsecured devices, the holidays provide scammers with an opportune time to sweep up valuable personal data. This year, don’t let cyber criminals steal your holiday cheer –  make sure you are taking simple steps to ensure your devices are protected from mobile threats and shopping scams!

  • Last year, mobile “malware” families (malicious software that can threaten or compromise the info on your mobile device) increased by 58 percent (2013 Symantec ISTR)
  • 61 percent of malicious sites are actually legitimate websites that have been compromised and infected with malicious code (2013 Symantec Internet Security Threat Report)
  • More than 1/3 of smartphone users have experienced mobile cybercrime  (2013 Norton Report)
  • 57 percent of users aren’t aware that security solutions for mobile devices exist   (2013 Norton Report)


Have an “App”-y holiday – Think twice before downloading unknown apps from third-party app stores  – they could come bundled with malicious software or adware. Also, look closely at the permissions the app requires before accepting.

Don’t take your threats with you – Have your guard up for emails and texts advertising holiday deals that seem to good to be true – they likely are. Although spam can seem harmless, avoid clicking on links and downloading files from people you don’t know.

Only shop from secure sites Whether shopping on a smartphone, tablet or home computer, only use reputable retailers and websites –  look for HTTPS in your browser address bar before entering your personal information or credit card information.

Protect your new device Make sure to password-protect your phone with a code that is difficult to guess. Install software that will allow you to track, lock and wipe your device in the event that it’s lost or stolen – every barrier a criminal has to overcome is another chance to stop them in their tracks.

Let mobile security help you These days, your mobile phone is more than just a communication device – it’s a social network, Internet browser and wallet. It’s important to take the same care and protection as you would a computer, and use a comprehensive solution like Norton Mobile Security (available for download on iTunes, Google Play and other official app marketplaces), so you’re protected no matter where you shop, surf or share.

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