Allied Telesis Unveils 2014 Business Direction Focusing on AMF Technology to Bring Down Cost on Network Management

Allied Telesis Unveils 2014 Business Direction

Focusing on AMF Technology to Bring Down Cost on Network Management

 Bangkok – 28 March 2014 – Allied Telesis, giant network vendor from Japan, unveiled its business direction for 2014 to focus on the market trend of network management that need to reduce “Total Cost of Ownership.” The highlighted technology for this year will be AMF to bring down cost on network management. The company also projected 10% growth rate this year.

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Regarding the overall situation of network market in Asia Pacific, Jakub Duch,  Allied Telesis Asia Pacific Director and Business Development Director, Allied Telesis K.K., noted “Across APAC we are seeing an increase in the number of customers that they are looking for  their vendors  to assist  them to do more with less.  Over 60% of organizations list network management and maintenance as a primary area of concern. Allied Telesis provides unique innovative technologies to minimize total cost of ownership by offering flexibility and user-friendliness. Last year, we introduced AMF (Allied Telesis Management Framework) to simplify network management. The product attracted more customers. Therefore, we continue to focus on AMF technology with more products to support this technology.”

“This year, we project the growth rate in Asia Pacific at 30% and main customers are in healthcare, transportation and government sectors. With our strength that we are not only design and develop product and technology but also manufactures and sells those products so we have ownership over everything we do and this results in high quality product that meets the requirements of our customers. ”

Found in 1987 with headquarters in Japan, Allied Telesis is one the world’s leading providers of network system with the R&D centers across the globe such as Japan, USA, New Zealand, Italy, Singapore and China. The company is ranked in the top 5 position in terms of global market share and sustained the global revenue of Yen 29.9 billion. For 2013, its businesses in Asia contributed market share of 8% in global scale.

Teerayut  Hongkananukraw, Thailand Country Manager, Allied Telesis (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said  “For the year of 2014 in Thailand, we promote on total cost of ownership or investment effectiveness to the market  in Thailand. We want our customers to consider not only on performances of network products but also the functional factors such as electricity cost, maintenance, installation space and human resources. Recently, we introduced ‘Allied Telesis Management Framework’ (AMF) Technology which is a software to simplify the network management issues by reducing the skill level required to maintain the network. In case there is a problem with network switch, the AMF installed in Allied Telesis network switch products will automate the required functions of the newly-installed switch. This is different and less complex than SDN (Software Defined Networking) Technology which requires an external controller for basic software to connect to network.”

“Furthermore, we offer a wide range of services for customers. The ‘Net. Cover’ service to replace new product to defective unit within 4 hours or by the next working day as per level of service agreement such as 24 hours, 7 days (24 x 7) and 8 hours, 5 days (8 x 5). Customer can choose to perform installation on their own or let us do the job. On the other hand, the ‘Net. Professional’ service entitles customers to services provided by Allied Telesis as per their requirements from designing to installation by experts from Allied Telesis.”

For the target market, Allied Telesis focuses on five target groups including 1. government sector 2. service providers 3. hospitality sector 4. healthcare sector and 5. Japanese companies.  The company will primarily focus on healthcare sector and Japanese companies as the headquarter in Japan is well aware of the ever-increasing presences of Japanese businesses in Thailand who expect the same service levels they get in Japan. The healthcare sector showed a great success in Japan last year. Therefore, Allied Telesis is committed to presenting this solution to develop and promote business growth in Thailand.

Teerayut continued “Last year, 90% of our sales volume was from large enterprises and another 10% was from retail sector. Our sales volume grew by 40% and we were ranked # 3 in terms of market share in Thailand for switching market. This year, we project the growth rate at 10% and we forecast the overall market growth for network in Thailand at 10% with value of USD 230 million or 6.9 billion baht.”

Currently, Allied Telesis has two distributors in Thailand, Avantgarde Co., Ltd and Nine Distribution Co., Ltd

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