Jebsen & Jessen Communications Thailand (JJCT) Expands To Consultant Role

Jebsen & Jessen Communications Thailand (JJCT) Expands To Consultant Role

Sees huge growth potential in BFSI, telecommunications and hospitality in Thai market

Jonathan Lee
28 March 2014 – Jebsen & Jessen Communications Thailand (JJCT), a leading business communication specialist focused on the contact centre space, aims to become the foremost total solutions provider as it leverages on its contact centre system integrator background to provide consultancy services and vertical solutions.

Jonathan Lee, country director of JJC Thailand (JJCT), said, “As part of JJC’s strategy to become a total solutions provider, we are adopting a blue ocean strategy to blaze new paths in the industry. We want to be more service-oriented, in contrast to its past approach of being product-oriented.”

“Our goal is to stand out in the market by expanding our expertise to customers,” said Lee. “We aim to be their trusted solutions provider not just in implementation, but will also offer soft skills such as consultancy.”

Going forward, JJCT will focus on two themes: The first is to enhance productivity throughmaximizing operations for their customers. The other is to improve customer loyalty through differentiated customer experience. JJC’s award winning contact centre solutions are designed to help businesses facilitate a rich customer experience.

For customers, JJCT have restructured its team for more complete support capabilities in view of the rising demands for day-day support and continual technical and business monitoring for their customers.  “We’ve made immense effort in ensuring our team are technically and operationally trained to provide the best advice and outcome for our customers.”  In the new consumer-focus initiative, JJCT will offer a suite of solutions and consultancy services. JJCT will also provide solutions for back office and retail businesses as a way to expand their portfolio.

In Thailand, JJC foresees huge growth potential in the BFSI (Banking, Finance, Securities and Insurance), telecommunications and hospitality industries. Thus the company will focus on these three high-growth markets to provide vertical solutions.

  • BFSI industry: As the BFSI landscape is more service-oriented and competitive, JJCT will focus on enhancing customer satisfaction for their BFSI clients.
  • Telecommunications industry: JJCT is expanding its contact centre offerings and servicing to other untapped areas such as back office and retail branch departments.
  • Hospitality industry: JJCT aims to provide solutions targeting on enhancing guests’ experience and extending this to hospitals as well.

With its transformation process and the new offerings, JJCT believes it is a pioneer in the industry, differentiating them from the other enterprise and contact centre system integrators in the market..


About Jebsen & Jessen Communications Thailand

JJC Thailand is an Avaya business partner. The company offers Enterprise and Contact Centre Communication Solutions, Consultancy, Solution Mapping and Roadmap Planning, Solution Implementation, Project Management, End-User and Technical training, Custom Application Development, Analysis and Reporting services. It was established in 1998 as part of Jebsen & Jessen Engineering.

JJC received the Frost & Sullivan Southeast Asia Contact Centre System Integrator of the Year award in both 2011 and 2012. This is in recognition of its strong reputation as a trusted partner in the contact centre space across industry verticals and by leading vendors.

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