Tangerine Fully Empower Thailand Business Target at public sector, Enterprises and SME with cloud technology

Tangerine Fully Empower Thailand Business

Target at public sector, Enterprises and SME with cloud technology

Deploy Google Apps for Business to more than 30,000 users in Thailand


Thailand businesses are forced to use cloud technology as the resolution to the constraint on the political crisis and protest which enable businesses getting connected at all time. “Tangerine” offers solutions from Google Enterprise that meets every organization’s need, and targets to increase number of users to more than 50,000 within the year 2014.


Bangkok, April 28, 2014 : Mr. Charoenchai Wongpiya, Managing Director of Tangerine, a leading total IT solution provider offering total services, including design, build & deploy, management and total solution to leading organizations in Thailand both public and private sectors, said cloud technology is the innovation that build and enable business to connect at all time. Although there are many factors, such as political crisis, natural disaster, that impact all businesses, cloud technology can help business users to be connected by using any device, at anytime and anywhere. As the total IT solution provider and a Google Enterprise Partner, Tangerine has helped many companies to increase capacity and improve productivity for all users.

“Currently, Tangerine has deployed Google Apps for Business to more than 30,000 users, and the number of users is expected to exceed 50,000 by the end of the year. As the leading advertising and search engine company, Google is offering enterprises with 3 main solutions namely Google Apps for Business, a cloud-based email system, Google Search Appliance, an appliance for searching information within the organization, and Google Maps for Business, a solution to apply geographic information on maps to business”.

As the marketing strategy for this year, Tangerine will focus on the financial sector such as banks, finance companies, insurance business, manufacturing, hotels, etc and will be adding new customers base in government and private sectors, both large enterprises and SME. In 2013, the company’s overall growth rate is 90 percent over the previous year, thanks to the ability and expertise of the Tangerine team. The company is a partner to leading global IT companies such as Google, VMware, EMC, Cisco offering Cloud Solution, Information Infrastructure Solution and Network Solution.
Miss Kanlayanee Worachat, Google Product Manager, added Google Apps for Business is a suite of communication tools that increases user’s productivity. Through working on web browser, it allows businesses and teams to communicate and collaborate from anywhere across multiple devices, be it a notebook, smartphone or tablet. Google Apps for Business makes it possible to access information anywhere, anytime and also able to more closely communicate through chat or video conferencing on Hangouts, to organize and manage the ease appointment by Calendar and makes significant increase collaborate performance through Google Docs, Google Sheets

and Google Slides that can modified by multiple parts at the same time, although there are different locations, reduce duplication and document version and not be limited by the operating system, storage space is up to 30 GB.

Google emphasizes on design of information security as the first priority. Google Apps for Business offers users a highly secure environment, spam mail filtering system and reduce the cost of hardware and software investment. It also simplify management and administration. Administrators do not need to worry about updating or upgrading new hardware & software version.

Currently, there are over 5 million global businesses using Google Apps for Business as a suite of tools that optimize the work on the cloud. Keeping in touch is easy and collaboration can be done from anywhere with any devices. It enables organizations to work together more intelligently.

Mr. Vorapak Tanyawong, President of KRUNGTHAI BANK Plc. said that adopting Google Apps for Business helps improving productivity in the work, increasing speed and is in line with the bank’s new vision “KTB Growing Together”.