EGA Teams Up with CSA Thailand Chapter and OWASP Thai Chapter to Upgrade Cloud Security Standard and Application Development in ASEAN with “ASEAN CSA & OWASP Summit 2014”

EGA Teams Up with CSA Thailand Chapter and OWASP Thai Chapter

to Upgrade Cloud Security Standard and Application Development in ASEAN

with “ASEAN CSA & OWASP Summit 2014”

ASEAN CSA  OWASP Summit 2014Bangkok – 3 June 2014 – Electronic Government Agency (Public Organization) or EGA joins force with Cloud Security Alliance Thailand Chapter and OWASP Thailand Chapter to host ASEAN CSA & OWASP Summit 2014” which aims to promote know-how on Cloud security and application development to ensure safe environment. Over 600 CEOs from across the region are expected to join this Summit from 3 – 4 June 2014 at Centara Grand Hyatt @ Central Plaza Ladproa.

Mrs. Methini Thepmani, Inspector-General, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (ICT), remarked “To be in line with ICT Master Plan 2014 – 2018, the Ministry specifies all government bodies and agencies to adjust their services and working processes in IT-related field to adopt more Cloud technology. From mid 2013, ICT Ministry pushed forward to promote Electronic Government Agency (Public Organization) (EGA) as the main agency to study on installation of appropriate infrastructure and provide training for government officers at all levels from management to operating officers who involve with this issue while arranging Ecosystem to support Cloud technology for government.

The Ministry has assigned EGA to collaborate with Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) which is

a global non-profit organization with a mission to promote the use of best practices for providing security assurance within Cloud services. EGA and its partners in Thailand teamed up with Cloud Security Alliance Thailand Chapter to host a conference on finding the solutions and development of Cloud security. In the latest attempt, CSA Thailand Chapter presented the know-how on Cloud Security by inviting experts from CSA to educate all alliances on the issue that Thailand is still short of experts in various fields such as Audit Cloud Provider for both private and government sectors, Cloud security awareness, Train the trainer and Cloud Auditor.

This year, EGA joins force with CSA Thailand Chapter and OWASP Thailand Chapter (a non-profit organization focusing on developing secured application) to host “ASEAN CSA Summit 2014” from 3 – 4 June 2014 to offer knowledge on Cloud security to related parties in Thailand and ASEAN while supporting local and regional Cloud operators and the standard of their network and to underline the status of Thailand as ASEAN hub.

Dr. Sak Segkhoonthod, President and CEO of Electronic Government Agency (Public Organization) (EGA) and President of CSA Thailand Chapter, revealed “The ASEAN CSA & OWASP Summit 2014 is the 2nd edition to enhance understanding on Cloud security and the advanced OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project). After the last edition, EGA is aware of the keen interests of business organizations from SMEs to large enterprises who have realized the importance and benefits of adopting Cloud technology with greater confidence on security issue. These can be seen from the substantial growth with total value of 2.3 billion baht. As for this year, the Summit will gather experts from IT industry and CEOs from Thailand and across ASEAN to exchange their research studies, standards, regulations and policies. Moreover, the Summit will support Cloud Operators in Thailand and ASEAN as well as establish standard network among them and confirm the status of Thailand as the regional hub.”

Due to the rapid growth of Cloud technology in Thailand in 2013 from both government and private sectors, local and overseas users increased their investments as they could better use technologies to enhance their business operations. This also stimulated the economic growth in Thailand and properly served the upcoming AEC in 2015 and ICT Master Plan which aims to promote Thailand as the trade and commercial hub with good basic infrastructure. For the year 2014, the adoption of Cloud technology would grow by 25% with value of 2.875 billion baht. The key industries to adopt Cloud include government, telecommunications, healthcare and retail sectors.

Some of the highlighted topics at ASEAN CSA & OWASP Summit include:

  • Trends on Cloud technology and industrial updates
  • Researches on Cloud technology
  • Movements of Cloud technology
  • Cloud technology based on structure formats

In addition, delegates will have a chance to meet and exchange ideas with local and international IT experts who will present their knowledge and experiences as well as offer useful suggestions.