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G-CloudICT and Electronic Government Agency (Public Organization) (EGA) will fully drive the government’s cloud with roll out systems supporting more than thousands of government agencies. It will also include new security system, additional backup site and correct government’s server purchasing regulations to reduce redundant.

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“The government cloud or G-Cloud has been operated for two years and grow up continually. Currently its supports more than 600 virtual machines on the cloud that support over 400 systems of government agencies and next year EGA expects to reach a thousand systems in the government cloud computing.” Dr.Sak Segkhoonthod, President and CEO of Electronic Goverment Agency (Public Organization) (EGA), said.

Government cloud patterns will be changed next year. From the beginning, the government agencies will have their own IT systems and continue to use traditional IT for purchasing     their own systems and IT trail systems in the government cloud are often turned to backup system such as data backup that start from the website data and gradually expand to the general data.
In addition, there will be some application websites have been installed or tested some unnecessary management systems.

This trend can be changed all the time after the trials of the government cloud have been applied. It was found that the EGA has SLA or standard service agreements, and able to apply system immediately according to requirments. The system satisfies security and acceptable. The amounts of the request are increasing .The usage patterns will be changed more by deploying more critical system for government agencies and adapting more new services as
e-service, including the development of new applications both sophisticated mobile and Web-based applications that meet the EGA’s objectives.

“What have been changed and seen in last two years are the large government agencies can not expand their IT systems away. The new system will run on a government cloud. Meanwhile, Systems will reduce the cost of operating their IT systems management. Finally, it will move their systems to the cloud and seriously turn to serve application development instead. For small agencies that didn’t apply IT systems, they can now provide their own IT systems immediately and usage trends will increase even more. Performance will increase onwards, which will reduce cost of government IT spending by about 300 million baht, while 30 % of the government agencies are using government cloud, and believe that all agencies will move to cloud in next three years” said, Dr. Sak.

In terms of budget preparations for the government cloud, the first year reached at 100 million baht and 300 million baht for the second year and will be 600-700 million baht for next years which will increase the amount of actual demand and expects to save double of the government budget. And governments are able to serve its service faster and more effective.
For cloud development in the technology sectors, the EGA will focus on building high security systems, because cloud is the new system that has no measurement and less organization certified. Thus, the EGA has established CSA Thailand and train staff through a safety standard which is the first organization in Thailand.Therefore, it is imperative that government cloud must be the master of the EGA to build confidence to cloud system industry.

In the end of this year, the EGA will begin to reduce and prevent the risk of threats. Using a new security system is two factor authentication systems. This will log in by the 2-step verification that banks are now using instead of single password in the past. Then develop one time password (OTP) system or using a single password. Making the management of all government agencies system must only through the OTP. This will reduce vulnerabilities for hackers to skim the system and identity of the administrator by using mobile phones as an identity (authen), which in the beginning to have an impact on the original units access to service, because it needs to shift behavior, But to create more stability and security.

Second, encryption storage service systems because using the cloud now is sharing space in single server may have multiple services. Opportunity for each administrator or admin can see its service. So the EGA is also able to encrypt again, which is now the cloud is usually not done this way because the consumption budget. But new technology and personnel of the EGA are factors to build public confidence and ead to the storage encryption that requires a lot of power to support them.

Finally, was prepared certificate with CSA called Cloud Star that the certificate of CSA Group, which will provide the basis to support multiple standards covering all aspects of the service including technical , legal, ethical , SLA, monitoring Or surveillance. Unlike other ISO standards that focus only on one side. Position of Cloud Star standards are placed over it. Because it comprehensive and expected to begin the exam by 2015.

The tentative plan of the government cloud is implement cloud backup system or DR site (Disaster Recovery), which EGA will select the appropriate area the dealing with risk in all its forms. Both areas with strong topography, less natural disasters and non-political impact, EGA will group customers or government agencies with high security conditions. Since the using of electronic transactions and do not fail, or the system that related to national security, etc. It takes time to build another one.

This implementation will push Asia Cloud Computing Association or ACCA, the annual survey Cloud Readiness Index have to assess the status of cloud Thailand again. After a recent survey 2014 and Thailand has been ranked at 9thof Asia, move up to 4 ranks and this is the first time of Thailand can move into top 10. The factors are the policy of the EGA G-Cloud which EGA accelerate the improvement of the risk on security more this year. This will support Thailand rank up from now on.
For strategic plan, a standard IT budget is currently discussed by EGA, Government agencies and the Bureau of Budget in order to help government agencies having the budget to immediately move to the government cloud instead of purchasing a new server. This will be available in the next fiscal year, which means the consolidated budget for this plan. Expect to enforce this strategic to provide all IT systems that not critical systems moved into the government cloud.




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