GfK MarketBuilder


GfK MarketBuilder

An innovation management solution supporting successful commercialization & market launch of devices, durables and services


Today, even the most innovative and successful companies struggle to achieve large-scale market deployment and consistent innovation performance. With consumer behavior constantly evolving, businesses need new ways to proactively monitor and measure commercialization and launch decisions.

GfK MarketBuilder is an innovation management solution that empowers you to actively drive the successful commercialization and market launch of your product or service – and maximize the impact of “new experiences” on consumers’ lives:

  • Understand the drivers of adoption, so you can proactively manage what really matters
  • Translate this understanding into informed decision-making through scenario planning, using relevant performance metrics for successful market introductions
  • Reorient your innovation management around behavior-centric KPIs for sustained improvement of your innovation performance

Based on a new paradigm that puts consumer behavior and its influencers (not just intentions) at the center of measuring innovation performance – thus defining what will really drive adoption – GfK MarketBuilder leverages a unique “open-box” framework and analytics, providing you with the business intelligence to:

Support product/service design and launch decisions with a clear focus on behavior impact, rather than intent to buy.

Create better diagnostics for how to optimize high-potential concepts, using fully transparent assumptions and calibrations.

Enable holistic assessment of the launch experience, not just the new product or service.

Use well-balanced, scenario-based sales forecasts for realistic business planning.

Avoid throwing away concepts (and investments) just because the marketplace isn’t ready for the proposition.

GfK MarketBuilder supports informed decision making to minimize risk and optimize launch resources – ultimately helping you to enrich consumers’ lives, gain a competitive advantage and create a sustainable pipeline to improve your bottom line.