New iTurret Features Enhance User Productivity.Media Alerts, Product Update

New iTurret Features Enhance User Productivity.

iturret_dealerboard_news_post@2XSpeakerbus, a pioneer in collaborative voice solutions and unified trader communications, today announced new features on the iTurret dealerboard in release 2.2.

The iTurret user interface version 2.2 supports internationalisation for German language users. The user can select between English and German languages and can also order an international key caps variant of the iTurret hardware that uses icons to support the localisation.

Speakerbus have made enhancements to call handling with the inbound call queue now supporting the key style from the line key in addition to the 16 programmable styles with an automatic refresh option of dynamic keys.

With iTurret v2.2, users can now take calls by clicking their handset mute switch and they can now have colleagues listen into a call on the hands free speaker in addition to the bridged handset feature introduced in v2.1.Together these updates help to improve user productivity.

A new speed dial icon gives clear visibility of keys programmed to access voice recording and IVR systems while the new screen saver auto wake up makes sure the iTurret is always ready for use.

Building on our integration with Avaya Aura®, users can now take advantage of directed call pickup on shared lines and use the Transfer to Conference feature if they change their mind when passing a call to colleagues. The iTurret will now automatically select the Avaya Ad-Hoc Conferencing feature on Avaya shared lines to simplify working with colleagues with regular phone sets.

The new software can be installed automatically from the iManager Centralised Management system which is now available in an updated version (v2.4) to support the new iTurret settings.