Allwinner A33, World’s First $4 Quad Core Tablet Processor, Now in Mass Production

Allwinner A33, World’s First $4 Quad Core Tablet Processor, Now in Mass Production

July-2014 After its announcement during Computex 2014, Allwinner A33 has now kicked off mass production in July. Quad-core tablets based on A33 are now available to end users worldwide in various resolutions and sizes (6.95″, 7″, 7.85″, etc), and also come with different functions (ATV, DTV, 2G, etc), priced from $30 to $60.
Targeted at the entry-level tablet market, A33 is a quad-core processor combining four power-efficient Cortex-A7 CPUs with the proven Mali400MP2 GPU architecture. A33 includes the following features:

  • Ÿ   Pin-compatible with A23 dual core
  • Ÿ   Four CortexTM-A7 CPUs and Mali400MP2 GPU
  • Ÿ   1080p video playback and capture
  • Ÿ   Integrated MIPI DSI controller, up to 1280×800
  • Ÿ   SmartColor display technology
  • Ÿ   Integrated Hi-Fi audio codec
  • Ÿ   Ultra-low power consumption

Touted as the most cost-effective quad-core processor for tablets, A33 reference pricing (with companion PMIC) is expected to be only $4.

Unique SmartColor Display
Intraditional color adjustment algorithms without human skin protection function, the human skin is adjusted together with other areas of an image, which makesskin look over-saturated and unnatural.

SmartColor, unique to Allwinner processors, is a kind of image post-processing technology used to deliver more gorgeous and eye-pleasing visual effects by enhancing image saturation and providing skin tone protection.

Robust Video Playback, Outstanding FHD Compatibility
Video processing has always been a competitive edge of Allwinner processors.  Allwinner A33 packs anew-generationvideo engine that supports 1080p@60fps video playback and capture.

Results from Antutu Video Tester, a tool released by Antutu to rapidly test the video process capability, show that tablets based on Allwinner A33consistently rateat about 500 points(higher scores indicate better video process capability). In addition, A33 tablets get over 90% passing rates (more than 90% video formats listed can be processed), while maincompetitors can only decode about 40%.

Ultra Low Power Consumption: 300 hour standby
A33 achieves low power through a balanced combination of several features: ultra energy-efficient Cortex-A7 CPU cores, an advanced fabrication process, optimized DVFS technology, and a unique Talking Standby mode that allows extremely low power consumption during voice calls.

Test results indicate that the power consumption of tablets based on A33 quad-core is lower than its quad-core competitors, and even lower than most dual cores. When usinga 4000mAh battery, tablets based on A33 can standby for more than 300 hours, equivalent to 6.5 hours of local 1080p video playback.


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