Asiana Airlines is nowlaunching its A380 flights.

Asiana Airlines is nowlaunching its A380 flights.

Aisana Airline

You can experience the ASIANA380 first-hand on the route to Incheon, Seoul South Korea.
The ASIANA380 will surely provide you with the best comfort and safety.

Made possible by the combination of Asiana Airlines’ corporate philosophy in customer satisfaction and Airbus’ unmatched technological prowess, the launch of the ASIANA380 will offer unique premium services.
Experience first-hand a greater satisfaction aboard the ASIANA380, a special edition of the A380 superjumbo that only Asiana Airlines can deliver.

* The name ASIANA380 derives from the consolidated form of ASIANA AIRLINES and A380, which signifies the unique A380. The “Special Edition” implies the exclusive version of A380 that only ASIANA can accomplish.

The ASIANA380 encapsulates the Asiana brand philosophy. This is the story of how the interior design, which brings our customers the best flight experience, was created.

The most salient feature of the Asiana380 is its interior design, which provides customers with the best flight experiences. ASIANA has met with Don Tae Lee and Martin Darbyshire, copresidents of Tangerine, an international design consultancy based in London which designed Asiana380’s interior.


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