CAT Telecom and CSC announce strategic partnership in cloud computing to fast track the next generation IT transformation for enterprises and public sector organizations.

cat-logo-600x301CAT Telecom and CSC announce strategic partnership in cloud computing to fast track the next generation IT transformation for enterprises and public sector organizations.

 CAT Telecom signed a definitive agreement with CSC, a global leader in next generation IT services and solutions, to provide cloud computing services in Thailand. This partnership will speed up cloud adoption in enterprises and public sector organizations across Thailand.

 6 August 2014: Mr. Viroj Tocharoenvanith, CAT Senior Executive Vice President – Sales & Marketing, revealed that CAT Telecom Public Company Limited has entered into a partnership with CSC (Thailand) Ltd., a global leader in next generation IT platforms including cloud-based technology offerings. In this cooperation agreement, CAT and CSC will jointly develop innovative cloud solutions for enterprises and public sector organizations in Thailand. The exponential growth of digital and mobility usage has pushed up demand to modernize computing and information technology infrastructure, and many companies are shifting their IT strategies towards cloud-based “as-a-service” solutions.


“A lot of companies are looking at solutions that can help control their cost of investment and not tie them down with heavy maintenance costs of hardware, software and scarce skilled resources. That is natural in the fast moving pace of technology today, with many new and innovative ways of doing business keep coming up every other month. Organizations need to remain dynamic and evolve fast enough to keep their business relevant,” Mr. Viroj shared. “Solutions that provide businesses with capabilities to grow, flexible enough to respond to market changes and manage IT resources on demand without large upfront investments are the need of the hour,” he added.
CAT and CSC will offer a wide range of Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings including (1) Storage-as-a-Service (StaaS), which is cloud storage service for customers; (2) Compute-as-a-Service (CaaS), a service that handle computing resources i.e., Virtual Servers and Physical Servers, to customers. These services will enhance CAT IaaS service portfolio and allow CAT to offer comprehensive solutions to meet various customer demands. Customers could access these services through either the Internet connection or dedicated Private Links and have a choice to use the services on Public Cloud or Private Cloud.


“CAT aims to continuously develop cloud service offerings and provide extensive options to customers. The cooperation with CSC will enable us to reinvent technology choices to accommodate our customer needs. These cloud services could help reduce IT costs and also the risk of upfront IT investment for our customers. I believe these services would be beneficial for our customers, which are mostly large government and private organizations” said Mr. Viroj.



Mr. Carlos Lopez-Abadia, VP and GM of Diversified Industries Group of CSC said that this is a long term partnership with CAT, extending up to 10 years. In this cooperation, both CSC and CAT combine the best in technology and expertise in cloud-based solutions to customers throughout Thailand. With innovative solutions and revolutionary technology roadmaps, this will allow organizations to keep up-to-date with modern and scalable platforms. Accelerated deployments and transformation of IT services for the enterprises, coupled with various maintenance options enable the customer to put focus on where it belongs – expanding their business opportunities. CSC has a strong track record in commercial and public sector government organizations and also has many global customers in various industries. CSC has large pool of experts to provide business and technical services to fulfill customer needs and expectations. Main customers of CSC in Thailand include SCB Life Insurance, Muang Thai Life, AIA, Siriraj Hospital and many more. CSC has plans to expand the customer base in Asia Pacific and Thailand is one of its strategic target markets.

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About CSC


CSC is a global leader in next-generation information technology (IT) services and solutions. The company’s mission is to enable superior returns on clients’ technology investments through best-in-class industry solutions, domain expertise and global scale. CSC has approximately 79,000 employees and reported revenue around $13.0 billion for the 12months ended on March 28, 2014. For more information, visit the company website at


About CAT IRIS Cloud


CAT provides IRIS Cloud service under the slogan “The New Possibilities Begin”. The service helps driving businesses by saving cost and saving time. Customers are able to access to IT resources such as server, storage, and applications on demand anywhere anytime through the Internet connection or Private Links.

IRIS stands for Intelligent Resilient Information System.

IRIS Cloud is the service that provides IT resources including storage, virtual servers and physical servers to customers. Customers can choose the size/performance level of these resources according to their needs.

IRIS Cloud is designed to provide service level guarantee of 99.9% Uptime. It is highly secured with ISO 27001 certified. Customers are supported by expert staff 24×7.

IRIS Cloud is operating on IRIS Platform, a Cloud platform which is designed to support Multi-Cloud & Multi-Technology with high security in mind and support technological change in the future as the system is continuingly developed.

IRIS Platform is like a big kitchen that is well-designed with many tools to create various Cloud-based services. Well-selected CAT staffs are comparable to good chefs who provide quality service and support to customers.

For more information about IRIS Cloud, please visit