STI invites world-class scientists to help strengthen SMEs through innovation

STI invites world-class scientists to help strengthen SMEs through innovation

บนเวที 3The National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office (STI) is organizing an international seminar on Enhancing Innovation for Sustainable Development. Its purpose is to strengthen public-private collaboration in the promotion of research and innovation in business and industry, especially SMEs. A number of \world-class scientists have been invited to the seminar where they can share experiences and best practices in driving economic growth through innovation that will enhance competitiveness and overcome the barrier to global market.

Dr. Pichet Durongkaveroj, Secretary-General of STI, asserted that Thailand is in the process of building a framework for research and innovation collaboration between the public and private sectors. The framework will be of great benefit to industries and small businesses that can utilize scientific research and technological innovation to increase their productivity. STI is hosting the International Seminar on Enhancing Innovation for Sustainable Development on Tuesday, 29 July 2014 at the Sukosol Bangkok Hotel. Participants in the seminar are world renowned scientists from Canada, the United Kingdom, France, China, and South Korea who will exchange strategic opinions on enhancing public-private collaboration in innovation development and share their experiences in utilizing innovation for national development. The seminar also provides them with an opportunity to foster closer relationship and build international community’s understanding of the current situation in Thailand.

South Korea is a good example of a nation that uses science, technology and innovation to develop its economy sustainably, he said. For this reason, STI is inviting Dr. Young Ok-ahn, former chief technology officer of Samsung Group and current senior adviser of DuPont in Korea.  He is one of the pioneers in bringing science and technology to the center stage of South Korea’s economic development through commercialization of research—from lab to market—with close collaboration with the private sector.   Currently, Dr. Young is conducting studies on South Korea’s future green growth plans.

Recognizing China’s economic miracle, STI also invites Professor Mu Rongping, Director of the Institute of Policy and Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences. The institute plays an important role in the development of science, technology and innovation towards commercialization, leading to the development of industries, such as commercial aviation industry.   Prof. Mu was instrumental in shaping the policy to increase China’s R&D investment to 2% of the GDP, enabling the Chinese economy to make another great leap forward.   From across the Pacific, Professor Howard Alper, Canada’s leading chemist who chairs the country’s Science, Technology and Innovation Council, will share his thoughts and exchange experiences on Canada’s innovation-driven development.

It is high time that Thailand reformed its science, technology and innovation system in order to increase research diffusion and commercialization, and promote private-sector investment in R&D. Particular focus is being placed at innovation-driven regional and local developments and increasing SME productivity and competitiveness. Currently, STI is holding regional public hearings on science, technology and innovation reform. The resulting white paper will be made available to the public and used as guidelines to pave the way for Thailand towards future sustainable growth.