Thailand’s Bumrungrad International Hospital Selects IBM Watson to Improve Medical Care for Cancer Patients

Thailand’s Bumrungrad International Hospital Selects IBM Watson to Improve Medical Care for Cancer Patients


BANGKOK – Oct 28, 2014 – Bumrungrad International Hospital, the largest private medical facility in South East Asia, and IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced a new collaboration where the hospital plans to use IBM Watson cognitive computing technology to improve the quality of cancer care for its patients at its medical center in Bangkok and case evaluation at referral offices in 16 countries on four continents.


As part of a five-year plan, Bumrungrad will use IBM Watson for Oncology, trained by Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK), one of the world’s leading cancer centers. Bumrungrad plans to use IBM Watson for Oncology to help its doctors plan the most effective treatments for cancer patients based on each patient’s profile, medical evidence, published research, and the extensive clinical expertise of MSK. Watson will analyze vast quantities of this information and present a summary of findings relevant to each patient case, including treatment options based on National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines.

Bumrungrad is the first medical institution outside of North America to embark on an IBM Watson for Oncology initiative.

“It is like having a capable and knowledgeable colleague who can review the current information that relates to my patient,” said Dr. James Miser, Bumrungrad’s Chief Medical Information Officer. “It is fast, thorough, and has the uncanny ability to understand how the available evidence applies to the unique individual I am treating.”


“Watson supports our vision of being the leading healthcare provider in Thailand and Asia,” said Dr. Num Tanthuwanit, Chief Executive Officer and Medical Director of Bumrungrad. “Medical knowledge is increasing very fast and cancer care is particularly complex. Oncologists race against time to find the best treatment for their patients. How does one take into account all the latest clinical research? How do you find what doctors elsewhere have learned from treating a patient like yours? Watson makes it possible. Our physicians will have a more powerful tool to help them make treatment decisions, ultimately improving our care and increasing patients’ lifespans.”


Headquartered in Bangkok, Bumrungrad is one of the world’s most popular medical destinations. It serves over a million patients each year, with half of them coming from 190 countries other than Thailand. Families from the Middle East and the emerging economies of Asia travel to the hospital for advanced treatment of cancer and other serious conditions. Bumrungrad is the key player in Thailand’s booming medical tourism industry, which the country estimates will attract 3 million international patients in 2015.


“Technology is the key impetus to the healthcare development in Thailand, and IBM is thrilled to be supporting Bumrungrad in this ground-breaking initiative to help hospital’s physicians access the latest information on treatments, including advances in individualized medicine based on patients’ individual biological information. This will help physicians accelerate better-informed medical decision making processes with evidence-based recommendations for patients,” said Parnsiree Amatayakul, Managing Director, IBM Thailand.


Watson is another example of IBM’s collaboration with medical institutions worldwide to use cognitive computing to help improve medical research and patient care.

About IBM Watson for Oncology

IBM Watson for Oncology, trained by Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK), is a cognitive computing system designed to support the broader oncology community of physicians as they consider treatment options with their patients. MSK’s clinicians and analysts are partnering with IBM to train Watson for Oncology to interpret cancer patients’ clinical information and identify individualized, evidence-based treatment options that leverage the specialists’ decades of experience and research. For more information, visit:
About Bumrungrad International Hospital

Bumrungrad International Hospital is a Joint Commission International accredited, multi-specialty hospital located in Bangkok, Thailand. Founded in 1980, it is one of the largest private hospitals in Southeast Asia, with 580 beds and over 30 specialty centers. Bumrungrad 1.1 million patients annually, including over 520,000 international patients. For more information visit:

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