NCR showcases innovative cash management software at ICCOS Asia 2014

NCR showcases innovative cash management software at ICCOS Asia 2014

 APTRA Cash Management helps banks across Southeast Asia reduce cost of operations and optimise cash balances

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NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, today showcased its innovative suite of APTRA Cash Management Solutions at ICCOS Asia 2014 – a premier global seminar for commercial cash management, distribution and circulation — to enable banks across Southeast Asia achieve cash optimisation and right cash balances in their branches and ATM networks. NCR cash management solution suite is available both for in-house licensing and as SaaS (Software as a Service) or through managed services agreement to enable higher cost savings for banks.

At the show, NCR showcased an array of advanced software applications, such as APTRA OptiCash that predicts the demand for currency after analysing data at individual cash points. The analysis is conducted across a wide spectrum of the bank’s infrastructure, including past demand, holidays, local and national events, and current interest rates with real time reports to the bank manager.

NCR at ICCOS Asia 2014

Speaking on the occasion Murat Tacer, ATM and Telephone Banking Senior Manager at Turkish Economic Bank (TEB), said, “We partnered with NCR who manages over tens of thousands of cash points for banks across the region to deliver a solution that allows us to expand our retail banking operations and effectively build out capacity at lower costs. NCR’s APTRA OptiCash technology integrates with our existing solutions and automates the process of planning and ordering cash. This has helped us to balance competing inventory, transportation and processing costs, and to achieve the lowest possible replenishment strategy while ensuring the level of cash availability our customers demand.”

Apart from optimising cash points, financial institutions also need to maintain cash inventories. APTRA OptiVault plans cash inventories for vaults and cash controls right from National Reserve Bank vaults to the smallest of ATM cash replenishment centres — to keep operations flowing at the most efficient levels of inventory. It gives banks a network-wide holistic view of overall currency requirements, while taking changing trends and local variations into account to enable the reduction of vault cash holdings to the most efficient level required to meet total demand.

“As financial institutions move toward serving time starved customers it is imperative for banks to manage their cash supply chain efficiently to reduce costs and improve operational efficiency, and to ensure availability of ATMs at all times,” said Bo H. Holmgreen, vice president and general manager, NCR Cash Solutions. “Cost balancing, management reporting and automation are important features of a cash management solution. However, the most important capability is the ability to reduce the overall cost while improving availability and that is where NCR’s cost effective three-tiered approach of prediction, optimisation and automation tools can help financial institutions to manage accurate costs balancing and optimisation. This is the science of putting exactly the right amount of cash in the right denominations at the right time in the right place at lowest possible cost, something we have successfully perfected all over the world for 20+ years”.

Centralising cash management continues to be a key priority for financial institutions around the globe. The NCR APTRA OptiNet provides a web-based front end to APTRA OptiCash, offering full access to the OptiCash system for users not directly connected to the bank or the ATM operator’s network. It works in tandem with APTRA OptiCash to provide remote users with access to forecasting and historical data and tools for automated branch cash ordering. It is capable of showing each branch their vault and ATM needs and represents all this information in an easily understood graphic interface.

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