Allied Telesis Selects Digital Arts Filtering Solution for New Range of Next-Generation Firewalls

Allied Telesis Selects Digital Arts Filtering Solution

for New Range of Next-Generation Firewalls

New security products feature industry-leading technology


Bangkok– November 18 , 2014 — Allied Telesis, a global provider of secure IP/Ethernet solutions and anindustry leader in the deployment of IP Triple Play networks, today announced that they have selected the webfiltering solution from Digital Arts for their new series of Next-Generation Firewalls. Digital Arts providescomprehensive, high-accuracy, real-time web filtering through their cloud-based web filtering system. Digital Arts’web filtering system works in conjunction with the leading-edge threat protection technology in the Allied TelesisNext-Generation Firewalls to deliver a high-performance, high-strength and highly configurable security solution.

The cyber security landscape is constantly evolving. Hackers are no longer lone opportunists trying to createmischief, but instead are organized criminals seeking serious financial returns, and/or carrying out well-fundedstrategic attacks. Their Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are sophisticated, tailored attacks that can easily defeattraditional defenses. Dealing with these threats requires an integrated, multifaceted solution with the insight to correlate seemingly unrelated behavioral changes in the network. Allied Telesis specialized hardware provides a powerful engine, within which Digital Arts’ industry-leading, web content filtering capabilities can combine with otherindustry-leading components to deliver the capabilities required to combat today’s sophisticated cyber-criminals.

Allied Telesis have a long track record in information security – having developed security appliances for more than20 years. As one of the first vendors to create Virtual Private Network (VPN) products, Allied Telesis helped tofacilitate the shift to secure Wide Area Network (WAN) networking across the Internet. The new Allied Telesis Next-Generation Firewalls are a revolution for the organization and the industry, and raise internal and external threat protection and network resource optimization to a whole new level, to provide access to the current revolutions in Internet usage – the “Internet of Things” and “Applications as a Service”.

“The accuracy and coverage provided by Digital Arts web filtering clearly put it ahead of the other options competing for the web filtering role in our solution,” said Graham Walker, senior product manager at Allied Telesis.“Real-time content filtering is an essential element of our Next-Generation Firewalls. The right candidate forinclusion in our system also needed to deliver performance and manageability. Digital Arts contributes all of this, andmore. With this component inside our Next-Generation Firewalls, we know that we have industry-leadingtechnology that delivers comprehensive, high-accuracy protection that is easy to configure.”

With new threats – including malicious sites, security exploits and potential sources of Internet abuse – emergingconstantly, any security system must be dynamic, forever keeping on top of the latest threats. Digital Arts’ industryleading content filtering database is updated on an ongoing basis, allowing solution providers to keep their users fully protected. Digital Arts’ web filtering system contains web site information for several major languages in approximately 100 web content categories, including sites optimized for smartphone and protection against malware-based information theft. Their database covers over 3 billion pieces of web content, providing effective defense against harmful sites with an accuracy that is unmatched.

According to Shinichiro Oda, director of enterprise marketing, Digital Arts: “We are very pleased that Allied Telesis have selected our web filtering database for their Next-Generation Firewalls. Our web filtering software has the largest market share in Japan and is used in a wide range of environments, from the home to large-scale corporate networks. We will continue to provide sophisticated solutions and enhance our products and services in coordination with Allied Telesis.”

According to Seiichiro Sato, director of global product marketing, Allied Telesis: “We are seeing considerable demand from customers looking for an integrated solution to secure their online experience. Our Next-GenerationFirewalls deliver high-performance, superior security, and provide a cohesive interface for simplified management.”

With functionality built from the ground up to operate in the modern data security environment – includingapplication-based inspection, high-throughput threat prevention, single pane of glass management, and integration with leading edge IP reputation and anti-malware services – the Allied Telesis Next-Generation Firewalls deliver a fiercely competitive solution to the market.

Digital Arts Inc.

Established in Tokyo, Japan in 1995, Digital Arts has nearly two decades of experience in protecting usersfrom threats from across the Internet with an industry-leading suite of web filtering, email filtering, and fileencryption solutions. The first domestic developer of web filtering software in Japan, Digital Arts continues to innovate – improving products and services to meet the challenges of the rapidly changing information age.More information on Digital Arts can be found at

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