Big Data and Analytics at Crossroads in 2015; Potential Business Benefits Confronted with Policy Decisions: IDC

Big Data and Analytics at Crossroads in 2015; Potential Business Benefits Confronted with Policy Decisions: IDC

 Singapore and Hong Kong, December 4, 2014 – International Data Corporation (IDC) announces today that the coming year will see a balancing of priorities between potential business benefits and policy decisions as a basis of its annual Asia/Pacific excluding Japan (APeJ) Top 10 Big Data and Analytics Predictions for 2015.


Behavioral profiling and modeling will be the most common objective of Big Data and analytics in the coming year. This will result in the creation, capture, and processing of unprecedented scales of data. Leading categories of data will be from direct actions including purchases, payments, text messages, travel, and web searches. These actions take on a much larger context when paired with location, time, and the relationship to other events. This is the Big Data that must be processed for profiling and modeling.


IDC believes Asian organizations will face a unique challenge in this space, in that they will absorb significant costs in the collection of this data, at the same time that they increase their exposure from amassing highly personal information about individuals. This will drive policy decisions around deployment models, use of customer data, risk, and compliance.


Up to this point, much of the discussion around Big Data and analytics has been about reshaping the imagination of what is possible. The focus has been on what can be learned from putting context to much larger and more complex sets of data. These discussions have opened the doors for early adopters to try new ideas and chart new paths. Often, these took place with limited structure around long-term profitability and with little or no executive agreement on privacy.


More insights will be revealed in a forthcoming report, “IDC Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) Big Data 2015 Top 10 Predictions”.


“Behavioral profiling is the prize. Can you do it? Most likely. Should you do it? You probably need to. How do you do it transparently and still keep your customers’ trust? That’s the real question that organizations will struggle with this year,” says Craig Stires, AVP of Research for Analytics, Big Data, and Software, IDC Asia/Pacific.


“Add to that the challenges of skills, costs, and scale and this will evolve the discussion from last year to be more policy-focused.”


IDC expects three drivers to push the market forward in 2015:

  • Mass acquisition of customer data, through mobile apps and shared data platforms
  • Regional availability of cloud infrastructure
  • Changes to privacy legislation and enforcement


“In the coming year, we will see a significant number of organizations feeling the impact of disruption from their competition. Barriers to enter new markets are dropping, with best practices taken from across the globe, and initial startup costs looking quite different with cloud deployments.”


Stires cautions that those who are able to keep a sharp focus on serving the desires of customers will do well, while those who are too slow to adapt will drift towards irrelevance.”

Provided are three of these predictions that will impact organizations implementing their first Big Data projects in 2015.


Prediction 1 – Data marketplaces will offer commercial models to attract private sector participation. In the coming year, the data offered will be contextualized public sector data and some private sector behavioral segmentations


Prediction 2 – Data-driven approaches will dictate CMOs investments in 2015, as marketing becomes increasingly measured by customer outcomes

 Prediction 3 – Hosted services will change the agility equation for industries in the “Midstream” countries


The investments in the Big Data and analytics market will become increasingly significant. IDC expects Big Data spending in the APEJ region to reach US$1.61 billion in 2015, which is a 34.7% growth over 2014. IDC expects growth rates to hold strong at these levels over the next four to five years, with a compound growth rate of 32% through 2018.


Industries are taking a more structured approach to their Big Data and analytics initiatives. In the coming year, there will be more clarity on privacy policy, more industry best practices to leverage, and more flexible models to deploy onto.


According to Stires, Asian organizations should be prepared to answer this question, “Am I doing everything I can to understand and anticipate the needs of my customers, or am I the next tale of caution for disruption from Big Data and analytics?”

For more information about this report, “IDC Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) Big Data and Analytics 2015 Top 10 Predictions” (forthcoming), please contact Madhura Moulik at +91 80 6699 1090 or To set up an interview with Craig Stires, please contact Emily Chia at or +65-6829-7731.

About IDC’s Predictions

IDC’s annual Predictions in APEJ draws upon the latest IDC research and a worldwide brainstorming exercise among IDC’s 1000+ analysts. This was followed by an extensive regional review to weigh in on key industry events, user trends, vendor strategies and economic measures that promises to uniquely define the technology trends that would impact and drive the market in APEJ for 2015. Across the globe, following the release of IDC’s global top ten predictions, IDC’s geographic, technology and industry teams will be releasing their own specific predictions in the coming months.


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