Online Jewelry Store plans to add new services to penetrate AEC next year

Online Jewelry Store plans to add new services to penetrate AEC next year

            Online Jewelry Store is ready to penetrate the AEC market by appointing marketing agent in Vietnam and Singapore and will use the tools of social media to support their marketing channel. Glitz Jewels also plans to add additional languages such as Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesia Bahasa and Burmese to support ease of use in the AEC countries next year.

            Ms. Oratai Manmongkol, Managing Director, Glitz Jewelry Thai Co., Ltd., noted “AEC 2015 will create a market of over 616 million people and an aggregate economic size of USD 2.3 trillion in Asean countries of Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Phillippine, Cambodia, and Brunei. They will be a free flow of goods, services, investment, and labour, once AEC is formed.Thailand will benefit from custom exemptions and rules of origin requirements which will make cross border intra-asean trade easier.”

In today’s digital and online world, it will be relatively easier for Glitz Jewels to penetrate the AEC market. Glitz Jewels is one of the leading and most recognized sellers with over 8 years of background and we have the largest fanpage database in Thailand with more than 300,000 accounts and we just launched a new service“Try at Home” to enable customers to see real products before purchasing. This service requires a deposit of 1,500 baht per piece and Glitz Jewelry will ship to customer’s home within 2 – 3 days and “a free ring size service” for our customers.

Glitz Jewels plans to add additional languages on to support ease of use in the AEC countries. We plan to have Chinese language support by the end of 2015 since a large proportion of AEC population speaks Chinese. We also plan to support Vietnamese, Indonesia Bahasa and Burmese by 2016.Glitz Jewels hopes that by providing multi languages support in the AEC countries will help them gain more acceptance and recognition.

            Ms. Oratai added “For the marketing strategy to expand the customer in AEC Countries, we plan to appoint marketing agent in Vietnam and Singapore, by the end of 2015. And digital advertising media will be used by Glitz Jewels to gain market share.We will use the tools of social media like Facebook, Instagram and advertisement on search engines like Google and Yahoo to make ourself visible to the market of AEC countries and we will take part in the Singapore Gems and Jewelry Fair to be held during Oct 2015 in Singapore, to start expansion into the AEC market.”

In the AEC market, Glitz Jewels will face competition from the local established jewelers. However, we are sure that Glitz Jewels as a brand will gain acceptance and recognition in these countries. Glitz Jewels has been on the forefront to create an image and brand where the consumers come first and offers products at a reasonable price.Thai Jewelry holds a high image in the international market and this fact will help Glitz Jewels to establish a market in AEC.

The Thai Gems and Jewelry market is estimated to be about baht 70 billion and expected to grow to baht 77.6 billion by 2018. Statistics from the Global Trade Atlas show that the gem and jewelry trade among the 10 ASEAN countries registered at 3,266 million US dollars, comprising 1,838 million dollars in import value and 1,428 million dollars in export value.

            Concluded Ms. Oratai,“The fall of Gold prices in the global market has caused a lively performance for real jewelry. Thai Jewelry market is also expected to benefit from the fall of gold prices and stability of diamond and precious stone prices.Moreover, Thai people are becoming more conscious, caring more about their image and personality. This trend will help to contribute to the growth of sales of real jewelryand we expect sales growth by 30% for this year”