Bangkok Internet Exchange (BKNIX), a Non-Profit Organization Providing Neutral Internet Exchange Point with its Major Role: “Cracking Thailand’s Internet Shell” is Ready to Move forward to “Digital Economy” and Stepping to ASEAN Stage

Bangkok Internet Exchange (BKNIX), a Non-Profit Organization Providing Neutral Internet Exchange Point with its Major Role: “Cracking Thailand’s Internet Shell” is Ready to Move forward to “Digital Economy” and Stepping to ASEAN Stage

 February 09, 2015, Bangkok – With the push of “Digital Economy” to become “National Agenda”, Thailand has to ensure that before applying this framework of economy, “Internet”, a heart of this economy must have solid and firmed foundation. This will lead to a complete transition to the Digital World for Thailand. It is considered very important for all citizens, all businesses, and all organizations from various industries and sectors. “Internet” in period of transition to “Digital Economy” is defined as “5th Requisite” that is necessary for a living, following food, food, shelter, clothing, and medicine. From this, BKNIX, a non-profit organization was established to take part in enhancing efficiency of Internet connectivity to reach global standard.

Thailand and Its Step towards “Digital Economy”

Digital Economy is an economy with all economic activities including transactions starting from Upstream, Midstream, to Downstream which involve all parties via Information Communication Technology (ICT). The reason “ICT” is selected as a “State-of-the-Art Tool” to drive and produce a perfect Digital Economy is that ICT is related with people’s everyday life in almost every way such as education, society, economy, occupation, politics, lifestyle, etc. For business section, it is well aware that ICT provides convenience, saves time, and manages Transaction Cost to smartly making economic transactions. In one year ICT can be applied for better efficiency and reduce a large amount of money for organizations especially Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) with branches in many countries worldwide. Therefore if applying ICT with country’s entire economic system, many benefits will be gained.

This transitional period to Digital Economy for Thailand is rather a big challenge for the country as currently IT infrastructure still has gap of which development and elevation are required to create stability for country’s Internet foundation. This is in parallel with government who has “ICT2020 Framework” creating Smart Thailand 2020.

BKNIXs Missions are:

  • Strengthening the Thai Internet infrastructure by becoming Hub to allow independent Traffic of data, picture, and voice via content providers, network providers, and carriers. Creating free market where users will have “Freedom of Choices” will lead to competition in terms of quality and price. Thus users will be provided high quality Internet with reasonable price.
  • Amplifying Internet speed, reducing unnecessary investment on IT infrastructure, and escalating Traffic capability. These will result in increasing amount of data transfer for Internet in the country which will be able to support business expansion and also people after ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) comes in 2015.
  • Being a neutral organization linking public, education, and health sectors with providers in the          private sector and the Internet users together. As BKNIX is a non-profit organization and is aimed at making social contribution, it will study Internet user preference focusing on benefits for users and it will act as a meeting place for all providers.

Internet Exchange Point established by BKNIX will become “Hub” of Internet and traffic exchange point for Thailand. This will create influx of Traffic domestically and ultimately link to other countries in ASEAN and the region. IXP will boost efficiency and convenience in doing business and help expand business operations including communication as there will be large bandwidth high speed Internet with high quality that comes with reasonable price. People’s quality of life in the country will be uplifted in particular when AEC arrives.
Good quality, high speed Internet with reasonable price has to come from decent IT infrastructure which consists of excellent data centers and connectivity. BKNIX’s mission on leveraging Internet standard in Thailand to reach global level and the aim for Thailand to become ASEAN Hub is in line with TCC Technology (TCCT)’s mission of Regional Carrier Neutral Data Center and Connectivity Hub. As a result, we are prompted to provide IT infrastructure by being a High Speed Internet Exchange Hub in domestic and regional levels for BKNIX. Furthermore, TCCT is ready to ally with government policy regarding policy of digital economy in developing Soft Infrastructure and Hard Infrastructure by offering highly efficient data centers in Bangkok and suburbs including alliance’s data centers in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam. Data centers are fortified with fiber optic routes regionwide.

About TCC Technology (TCCT)

T.C.C. Technology Co., Ltd. (TCCT) is a member of TCC Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Thailand. TCCT is the first certified SAP Hosting and SAP Cloud Partner in Thailand and also Microsoft certified partner, offering the best-in-class cloud-based solutions and services via the strong collaboration with various global partners. TCCT offers commercial managed hosting and infrastructure solutions designed to meet increasing demands from organization looking to outsource their information technology requirements. TCCT currently operates not only highly secured multiple world-class Enterprise Data Centers in downtown Bangkok and the city’s eastern suburbs, but also manages to cover Industrial and International Data Centers in Asia via its Asia Data Center Alliance (ADCA) network.