Allied Telesis Announces 2015 Business Direction for Thailand, Launching Next-Generation Firewalls and Advanced Wireless Network

Allied Telesis Announces 2015 Business Direction for Thailand, Launching Next-Generation Firewalls and Advanced Wireless Network

 Bangkok – March 26, 2015 – Allied Telesis, the giant network provider from Japan, unveiled its 2015 business direction for Thailand by introducing Next-Generation Firewalls and 4G Wireless Network to strengthen network solutions with comprehensiveness to drive the sales growth by 30%.

 Teerayut Hongkananukraw, Thailand Country Manager of Allied Telesis (Thailand) Co., Ltd., revealed for the business directions of Allied Telesis for year 2015 that this year, Allied Telesis will introduce Next-Generation Firewalls which are in 3rd Generation and the 4th Generation of Wireless Network to strengthen network portfolio with comprehensiveness and effectiveness.

The new Allied Telesis Next-Generation Firewalls are a revolution for the organization and the industry, and raise internal and external threat protection and network resource optimization to a whole new level, to provide access to the current revolutions in Internet usage – the “Internet of Things” and “Applications as a Service”.

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He added “With policies to allow more flexible network connections and proliferation of threats, the demands for more advanced and innovation network security technologies are increased. The new threats that keep emerging could affect the workflows and corporate images so CIOs give the highest priority to security issues. Therefore, Next-Generation Firewalls that integrate capabilities to control all applications will play more vital role in security market.”

On the other hand, the highlight of Allied Telesis 4th Generation of Wireless Network is the unparalleled Channel Blanket™ technology which features high throughput, seamless mobility, unparalleled noise immunity, and easier installation and maintenance than market alternatives.  It is ideal for public areas with mass users such as arenas, meeting halls, warehouses, logistics facilities, industrial factories, schools and hospitals.”

Both products incorporate AMF (Allied Telesis Management Framework) technology which facilitates the network management over disrupted networks to enable replacement and automatic plug-and-play functions.

He continued “Moreover, we will focus more on after-sales services by offering 5-year warranty for all models and appoint Synergy of Service (SOS) as a service partner to offer maintenance and technical consultancy services.”

Regarding the market trend, he remarked “The network market that supports IP Surveillances system will continue to grow as the demands for high quality IP Surveillances are still high for both government and private sectors. In addition, the mass transportation sector will boom over the next 5 – 10 years due to the demands for comprehensive network that can support large data volume. Our target sectors for year 2015 include manufacturing, public utility, transportation, government, education and healthcare.”

He added “Currently, Allied Telesis is ranked #3 for switch market in Thailand and we project the sales growth at 30% this year. The overall network market would grow by 10 % with value of USD 250 million or 7.5 billion baht.”

Allied Telesis products are available through AvantGarde Co., Ltd. and Nine Distribution Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1987, Allied Telesis is a leading provider of networking infrastructure and flexible with headquarters in Japan and R&D facilities across the globe such as Japan, USA, New Zealand, Italy, Singapore and China. It is one of the world’s top five IT networking companies with global revenue of 30.2 billion yen for 2014.

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Founded in Japan in 1987 and with offices worldwide, Allied Telesis is a leading provider of networking infrastructure and flexible, interoperable network solutions. The company provides reliable video, voice and data network solutions to clients in multiple markets including government, healthcare, defense, education, retail, hospitality and network service providers. Allied Telesis is committed to innovating the way in which services and applications are delivered and managed, resulting in increased value and lower operating costs. Visit us online at