Reviveaphone Rescues Songkran-Soaked Phones

Reviveaphone Rescues Songkran-Soaked Phones

  • Revolutionary repair kit restores water-damaged handsets in 24 hours

Bangkok, Thailand – April 9, 2015: As millions of people around Thailand prepare for the annual Songkran water-fest each has a common fear – what happens when your phone gets wet?

Reviveaphone, an innovative new product developed in the UK, has arrived in Thailand making it simpler than ever to bring your water-spoiled phone back to life. The easy to use kit gets to work quickly and takes just 24 hours to do its magic, leaving you with a fully functional phone without the hassle of replacing details of your contacts, losing precious photos or having to replace your phone.

Now, whether your phone has been drowned on Songkran soakings, suffered in a tropical downpour or been dropped in the swimming pool, there is a quick solution at hand. Reviveaphone water damage repair kit has everything you need to get your mobile working again.

If your phone is exposed to large amounts of water it’s not only the water doing damage to your phone. Large amounts of mineral deposits will usually find their way into the inner workings on your electronic device, and these have to be cleaned properly before there is any chance of the phone working again.

The Reviveaphone solution can be applied directly to the phone – without causing any further damage – and will remove the mineral deposits so you are able to start using the phone once more. Using a sealable pouch, the product works to remove corrosive mineral deposits from drowned electronics and restore them with no long-term damage.

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Fast Action

Taking immediate action is all-important to saving your phone so it needs to be treated as soon as water damage occurs. It’s absolutely vital that you turn off the phone immediately as this will help to prevent any further damage to the phone.

Simply place your phone into the solution-filled pouch provided in the Reviveaphone kit and leave for seven minutes. With Reviveaphone you don’t even have to disassemble the phone to get to its inner workings – the solution can enter the phone itself without you risking any further damage, giving you the best possible chance of being able to recover your phone.

Afterwards, remove the handset and dispose of the solution very carefully, before setting your phone to dry for 24 hours. Once the 24 hours are up turn the phone on and it should be fully restored, saving you the expense and the hassle of buying a new phone.

Reviveaphone is available now and costs THB 950. For more details visit Reviveaphone Thailand’s website or Facebook page.