ZyXEL Celebrates 9th Anniversary in Thailand Offer Lifetime Warranty for Consumer Products

ZyXEL Celebrates 9th Anniversary in Thailand

Offer Lifetime Warranty for Consumer Products

 ZyXEL (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the leader in broadband internet technologies and the key distributor of wired and wireless network devices, is celebrating our 9th anniversary of operation in Thailand by announcing a Lifetime Warranty policy for all products in the category of Home & Consumer devices. This amazing offer will show of trustworthiness and a way of saying gratitude to the customers for their patronage.


Ms. Piyamas Satraphan, Managing Director of ZyXEL (Thailand) Co.,Ltd, stated “In 2015, ZyXEL (Thailand) has been operating in Thailand for 9 years, to show our gratitude to our customers we have extended the warranty of ZyXEL’s Home & Consumer products which originally carry 40 Months warranty to a Lifetime Warranty. With this privilege offer, we believe that it will increase the customer’s confidence and beneficial aspect for our product.”

Our “Lifetime Warranty” covers the Home & Consumer products which divided into 5 categories as followed:

DSL Router: AMG1001-T10A, AMG1202-T10B, AMG1302-T10B, AMG1312-T10B, VMG8924-B10A, P-661HNU-F1, P-791R v.2, P-871M and VDSL2 Splitter.

Wireless LAN: NBG-418N v2, NBG6716, NWD2105, NWD2205, NWD6605 and WAP3205 v2.

Unmanaged Switch: ES-105A, ES-108A, ES1100-8P, ES1100-16P, GS-105B v2, GS-108B v2, GS1100-16, GS1100-24, GS1100-24E and GS1100-8HP.

Powerline Adapter: PLA4201, PLA4231 and PLA5206.

Network Storage: NSA310S, NSA325 V2 and NAS540.

For customers who have purchased any of the specified models above since January 1, 2015 will automatic receive lifetime warranty. Any defective products will be instantly exchanged with a brand new one.

For further information or questions regarding Lifetime Warranty policy, please visit our website www.zyxel.co.th or contact ZyXEL Call Center at 02-832-0600, available to you 24 hours.