How Samsung’s Launch of Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge Help Its Buzz & Purchase Intent?

How Samsung’s Launch of Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge Help Its Buzz & Purchase Intent?

Samsung and Apple have dominated the premium smartphone market in Thailand in recent years. After the global success of Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus late last year, Samsung launched two premium flagship smartphone models, Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge in Thailand in April 2015. These new models are the latest of the successful flagship Galaxy S series, with a revamped design utilizing premium glass and metal materials.

Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge were made available to consumers in Thailand starting from 20th April 2015. The launch generated an increase in positive ‘Buzz’, making the manufacturer the top ranked brand in terms of ‘Buzz’ score for the mobile devices sector in YouGov’s BrandIndex for the month of April. The increase in ‘Buzz’ could be seen for more than a week before the official launch date, and the increase continued until the end of April, helping Samsung to overtake key competitors in the market during this period.

‘Buzz’ scores in YouGov’s BrandIndex measure the net of consumers’ positive and negative views on a brand. It is also a simple, effective way to track consumer awareness of good or bad news, of an advertising or PR campaign, or of a product launch taking place.

On the other hand, ‘Purchase Intent’ (the measure of whether consumers plan to buy the device) initially remained unchanged in April, but increased from the start of May, and continued to rise until mid-May, before settling at a level higher than the pre-launch Purchase Intent score. ‘Purchase Intent’ did not increase at the same time as ‘Buzz’ did. It probably because consumers only get increasingly exposed to S6 and S6 Edge advertising over time. The eventual increase of ‘Purchase Intent’ came about two weeks after the products started appearing in stores and after consumers had the opportunity to see and try the product. Overall, the S6/S6 Edge launch had a strong positive impact for Samsung in terms of generating positive ‘Buzz’. This resulted in a gradual increase in ‘Purchase Intent’, signifying a growing interest in Samsung products during the period of launch. This puts Samsung in good stead to maintain their strong market share within the mobile devices sector in Thailand.

YouGov BrandIndex is the only daily consumer perception research service of brands, taking over 300 interviews every single day from a representative Thailand population sample, conducting more than 100,000 interviews per year. Respondents are drawn from an online panel of more than 25,000 individuals in Thailand.

The Impact of Samsung’s Launch of Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge on Its Buzz Score & Purchase Intent in Thailand