Autodesk Makes Fusion 360 More Accessible Than Ever

Autodesk Makes Fusion 360 More Accessible Than Ever

Fusion 360 pricing simplified to $25/month subscription for all current functionality

Autodesk has announced new updates to Autodesk Fusion 360, making it more accessible than ever before and help advance the future of making things.

Fusion 360 is breaking down barriers and disrupting the CAD market. It brings CAD, CAM and CAE together in the cloud, and is an integrated, connected, and accessible platform built for the new ways products are being designed and made.

What’s New

  • Distributed design – The new release helps geographically dispersed teams work together and lays the foundation for more enhancements in the future.  This update allows you to insert referenced geometry from one part of a project to another.  Team members can work on separate parts of a larger assembly while keeping tabs on each other’s progress so the larger project stays in synch.  This short video explains the concept in more detail:
  • Sketching enhancements – Several improvements to sketching improve visibility of sketch lines, access to sketch controls and a new sketching preview feature that allows you to turn on/off sketching line coloring when your sketches are fully constrained.
  • 2D Drawings enhancements – The update includes numerous navigational improvements and the ability to add several kinds of dimensions to drawings. Also 2D Drawings are now associative with distributed designs, so users are alerted when changes are made to an externally referenced part and they can automatically update their drawings.
  • Autodesk Print Studio – Fusion 360 now includes Autodesk’s new 3D print utility powered by Spark, which dramatically accelerates prep time. With direct integration with Autodesk’s Ember printer, Type A Machines, and Dremel Printers, Makerbot, and Ultimaker printers, it allows users to orient and modify digital models to fit pre-defined printer volumes without affecting thesource model.  Once modifications are set, it sends an STL file directly to the selected 3D printer.

One Version, One Price
Autodesk has also announced that it is simplifying the pricing model for Fusion 360.

All the functionality previously available in Fusion 360 Ultimate will now be available in Fusion 360 at $25/month with an annual subscription. Fusion 360 users will now get simulation, animations, 3-axis machining and more.

This means customers can get all the tools to take their design from concept to production for $25/month with an annual subscription for commercial use.  Fusion 360 remains free of charge for students, hobbyists and startups.

“Manufacturing is changing at an incredible pace. Never has the ability to create a physical product been so accessible to everyone. We’ve put all existing functionality in the $25/month Fusion 360 package.  Lowering the barriers of entry for the world of product development is something we are passionate about, our partners are passionate about, and our customers are passionate about.  I could not be more excited about empowering the next generation of designers and manufacturers with Fusion 360,” said V R Srivatsan, Managing Director of ASEAN, Autodesk Asia Pte Ltd.

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