Choosing the Right Hi-speed Internet for Your Home

Choosing the Right Hi-speed Internet for Your Home01

 In this age of connectivity, globalization and fast track services, our lives seem to be more and more dependent on the Internet, as it affects and facilitates nearly every aspect of modern life.

In 2014, there were 27 million Internet users in Thailand with an average consumption of 7.2 hours a day, especially at home (88%) and preferably via a fixed broadband connection (45%). In addition, over 70% of internet users enjoy listening to music as well as watching movies and video clips, using social media and playing online games*. Having a reliable hi-speed connection at home is essential because it brings peace of mind. Service providers can deliver such features as ‘always on’ Internet connection, unlimited data usage or many devices usage at the same time, all intended to make the internet experience easy and trouble-free.

If you are interested in having hi-speed Internet or “Fixed Broadband Internet” at home, or if you already have a connection but would like to make sure you have the package that is right for you, then it is important to understand what options are out there. Packages vary, depending on the speed for uploading and downloading Internet data, different technology to access Broadband Internet and also, the capacity area for the Internet connection.

Mr. Vincent Duda, Managing Director of Ellipse Projects Thailand, distributor of modem and router devices in the Thai market, shares 5 questions to help you choose the right Broadband Internet for your home:


  1. Do you need fast Broadband?

If you have one computer and only use the Internet to browse web pages and send emails, then fast broadband is not absolutely necessary.


But if you have more than one Internet-enabled devices and enjoy programs which require high data transmission such as video clips, movies, music and games, then Broadband Internet is a necessity for you.

*Source: National Statistical Office and Electronic Transactions Development Agency


  1. What kind of user are you?03


Remember that the more data you download on a daily basis, the more megabits or ‘Mbps’ you will need.

  • Beginner – Start with an entry-level hi-speed Internet package. This might be enough for your needs if you are a light user, and the cost is relatively low. It would be easier to upgrade later on, in case you feel you need a higher speed connection.


Recommended speed: 5-10 Mbps02

  • Movie enthusiast or gamer – You are classified as a heavy user if you like to download movies and stream entire seasons of TV series! It is important to select a hi-speed range with an unlimited download package, so you do not worry about going over the limit. You might consider Cable Modem Broadband which is much faster!


Recommended speed: 10-20 Mbps

  • Family – When you have family members relying on the same Internet connection, make sure you have a very high speed connection. You often use your phones, laptops or computers at the same time – imagine someone playing an online game, another watching a TV series, and still another downloading some music while you are trying to plan your next vacation. In this case, the fastest package would be needed since huge amounts of information will potentially need to be downloaded at once.


Recommended speed: 15-50 Mbps


  1. What kind of technology will allow you to access Broadband Internet most efficiently?


Today, there are three ways to access the Internet at home – via xDSL (copper wire(ADSL, VDSL), Fiber and DOCSIS.


ADSL uses the telephone line with Internet speed limited to 12-15 Mbps. With Fiber, or FTTX, you can get very high speed Internet but it remains restricted to a few locations only. The intermediate solution between ADSL and Fiber is DOCSIS (for Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification), using the existing TV cable. The Internet speed reaches almost 200 Mbps.

  1. Which Internet service provider can serve you the Internet access technology you want?

In Thailand, there are several ISPs to deliver you the Internet access technology and some of them offer the 3 above solutions in hand. As an example, True offers money savvy options as low as 599THB for broadband.


However, if you are in an area which is not suitable for a Broadband connection, you might get a connection via a mobile phone network, by opening a hot-spot service. However, this is not always stable nor reliable.


  1. Does the ISP you are interested in offer promotions such as free phone calls or cable TV?

Often, the Broadband package from the ISP is bundled with your phone line rental, satellite or cable TV package, and the use of modems and routers. This can help you reduce costs significantly. Check True Online’s promotions, the only operator with mobile, TV and Fixed intergrated solutions.

Vincent DudaMr. Vincent Duda

These useful tips from Mr. Duda will ensure that you get the right Broadband Internet for your home, so you can enjoy fast and uninterrupted Internet. Be sure to shop around when choosing your Internet service providers and to look closely at the packages they offer. Your service provider’s focus should be able to give you uninterrupted high speed Internet access at all times. With the right choices, your Internet connection can make an enormous difference in your happiness as an Internet user!

Mr. Vincent Duda’s opinion on finding the best solution for hi-speed Internet at home.

“DOCSIS 3.0 technology may be the smart, easy and cost-efficient solution because it is convenient, flexible, and reliable. It provides a very stable connection that allows you to watch video clips and download movies in a few minutes. For those who want to get excellent performance hi-speed Internet, opting for a cable modem with DOCSIS 3.0 technology might be the answer mainly due to its high-speed compared to ADSL or VDSL that is limited to only 15 Mbps, and fiber technology that is still limited to a few areas.”

**This article is brought to you by Ellipse Projects Thailand with its intention to encourage Thais to live a stress-free life through excellent IT solutions.


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