ZWCAD Design launches a survey on CAD trends

ZWCAD Design launches a survey on CAD trends

Bangkok,Thailand: August 11, 2015—Ever feel incapable of choosing an item, because there are so many choices out there? In today’s software industry, the frustration can be more severe because there are not only many options on the market, but also multiple ways to pay for a product. Take Adobe as an example, in the past, the traditional payment is that paying for a perpetual license, then Rental came up which allows users pay as they go. But here comes a question, which payment is easier on the budget?

It is hard to say one is more expensive than the other if time is not taken into consideration, Subscription policy is more of renting a program, users can decide to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly. There is no doubt that the upfront cost is lower. But imagine renting for 5 years or even longer. However, perpetual licensing may require higher cost from the beginning, but eliminate repeated pay.

Since new perpetual licenses for individual software products will not be offered for purchase after Jan 31, 2016, the current upgrades must be purchased separately and support is not included. Besides that, you can only either choose perpetual license plus maintenance subscription or Desktop subscription. To get a clearer idea about what kind of impact the change will bring, the below picture can help better illustrate.

To figure out what users’ attitude towards the change, ZWSOFT conducted a survey on CAD trends that the preference of the two payments is included. According to the result from almost 1500 CAD users, almost 83% of the survey takers would like to choose perpetual license instead of Rental and top collected reasons are long-term overcost and extra pay for unnecessary functions, but less than 17 % users who filled the questionnaire see it differently, they think Rental, however, can help them keep up with the integrated updates with latest functions. People who need CAD program are often those who have long-term need. From the result we can say most of CAD user prefer perpetual licensing because they don’t want to pay more in the long run.

Ralph Grabowski, a renowned CAD expert hat has published many books and magazine articles about CAD, quoted a brief calculation in his blog that Annual subscription of some CAD software becomes more expensive (than perpetual) after 2 years and 5.5 months and monthly subscription becomes more expensive (than annual) after 8 months.

ZWCAD+ photoFor customers, the emergence of Subscription means another choice, they are the one who choose which CAD program to use after all. Even they choose Subscription,the price may still be to heavy on their budget, However, there are some other more cost-effective CAD programs like ZWCAD+ that is not only easy for the budget but also can satisfy all the design needs. And, with so many other CAD programs on the market, no matter how the payment changes, users can always choose what works best for their budget and their projects. To help you get concrete idea about the specific the price of other CAD software compared with ZWCAD. ZWSOFT developed a business value tool to help you make your own calculation.

ZWCAD Design will continue to provide perpetual license and delicate itself to providing better CAD solution for you and your business.

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