“SAMTEL”is proud to present “world-class software,”which integrates safety technologies.

SAMTEL”is proud to present “world-class software,”which integrates safety technologies.

 10 September 2015:Continually expanding its wings to a comprehensive technology business, SAMTEL is ready to operate acomplete security system business. It has held hands with NICE Systems,a software development company from Israel, to launch twotop world-class software programs – Nice Situatorand Suspect Search. Both programs work to manage emergencies in anintegrated manner – they are able to quickly and precisely retrieve and analyze image data from CCTV cameras of different agenciesto promote (Bangkok)as a city of safety.Vision (1) Vision (2) Vision (3) Vision (4) Vision (5)

Mr. WatchaiVilailuck, the Executive Chairman and CEO of SamartTelcoms PCL, said, “As violence and unrest can occur anytime and anywhere, the public and private sectors have become more alert to security, which mainly aims to ensure safetyin life and the property of the general public and to boost the confidence of investors and tourists. Accordingly, upgrading security technology by bringing world-standard situation management software to optimize protection and security is a phenomenal milestone.…SamartTelcoms PCL, Vision and Security System Co., Ltd. and NICE from Israel have held hands to launch two software programs – Nice Situator and NICE Suspect Search, modern technology that smartly manages different situations. Vision and Security System Co., Ltd. has been authorized by Nice System to be the sole distributor of NICE Security in Thailand.

 “NICE Suspect Search”is a system that searches for target persons quickly within a few minutes, compared with several hoursfrom conventional systems. The softwarewill specify locations, dates, times and routes of atarget person, by retrieving data from CCTV systemsfor examining and analyzing the targetperson quickly and accurately. In addition to safety, it is useful in terms of services and administration of facilities, to accommodate a large number of service users at different places, such as airports, shopping malls and banks. Currently, NICE Suspect Search is used at the Los Angeles Airport and Glasgow, Scotland.

NICE Situator” is a situational management system, which serves as the center for all systems, such asthecall center, CCTV, intrusion &fire alarm, access control, as well as license plate and identification card detection systems. It analyzes data from the systems to forwardto concerned agencies in a quickand clear fashionsimultaneously, which can prevent and reduce damage from incidents. Recently, JP Morga, a world-class financial and investment service provider, has adopted the system.”

“The reason for SAMTEL’s aggressiveness in the security technology business is we believein our potential to offera complete range of security products and services that meet customer needs or “end-to-end solutions,” by combining the expertise of three partners: SAMTEL,aleading system’s integrator with maintenance units, in compliance with the ISO 20000 Standard,in 38 centers across the country; Vision and Security Systems Co., Ltd., one of SAMTEL’s affiliates, equipped with expertise and experience for more than 10 years in the installation and maintenance of CCTV systems in important places of the country, such as the SuvarnabhumiAirport, five southern border provinces, the Government Complex, the Department of Defense,and municipalities in Chon Buri; and NICE Systems, whichhasspecialized in the design, research and development of world-class security technology for almost 30 years, with over 25,000 clients in 150 countries and a lot of achievements, such as the security system in New York, the Los Angeles Airport, Miami Airport and subways in Beijing.”

“The security solutionswe are offering are complete, in terms of hardware and software design, installation and maintenance, which allow the system to be available to be used24 hours a day. Customers can choose turn-key services, which coverdesign, installation and maintenance. If they don’t want to invest in the system by themselves, they can select our out-source services, which cover the rental of the systems, equipment and staff for management and maintenance services. We expect that the security solutions business will see an annual growth of at least 10-15 percent on average with anannual total market value of at least 15,000 million baht.”

Mr. Vilailuckended with “The security policy is the government’s top priority, to reduce all forms of crimes. We, as a private organization, are ready to support the government policy, by offering advanced, cost-effective, and efficient technology to build a truly safe city.”

SAMTEL – one of the total ICT solutions and service providers, using synergy to provide advanced technology equipped with international standards that meet all customers’needs, which will lead to their trust and utmost satisfaction.