TCC Technology and C asean Co-Organized Forum of the Year “Future of Data Center in Digital Era”

TCC Technology and C asean Co-Organized Forum of the Year “Future of Data Center in Digital Era”Event TCC (PUN)-432

September 23, 2015 C asean, Bangkok – TCC Technology joined force with C asean: business, arts, and culture platform for ASEAN entrepreneurs and business startups transformed the auditorium into international arena.

TCCT’s rich bond with private sector and C asean’s solid tie and network with public sector bridged together the audience from leading government bodies such as Ministry of Finance, Metropolitan Electricity Authority, Ministry of ICT, Natural Disaster Warning Center, Revenue Department, and Bank of Thailand with reputable private sector’s enterprises of both listed and leading groups such as PTT, Italthai, well-known financial institutions, Golden Land, IRPC, King Power, Yan Wal Yun Group along with universities such as Chulalongkorn University, NIDA, Bangkok Neutral Internet Exchange or BKNIX and also Press. The ultimate goal of this forum held is to ensure the accurate path for the country to move forward to Digital Era and to be certain of the close collaboration of public and private sectors along the passage to success.

The forum was begun with “100-Second Facts on Data Center” from Dr. Karndee Leopairote, Managing Director of C asean who provoked our thoughts on how essential data center and disaster recovery center are for business and people worldwide, followed by TCCT Executive Director: Mr. Kosit Suksingha’s ice breaking speech illustrating what data center is.

The forum was then amplified as the panel “Creating Tomorrow’s Data Center in ASEAN: Standard Does Matter” began. Among panelists who are Asia Data Center Alliance members and data center leaders: Mr. Wong Ka Vin, Managing Director of 1-Net from Singapore, Mr. William Wai, Senior Vice President of HKColo from Hong Kong, and Mr. Kosit Suksingha, Executive Director of TCCT from Thailand shared a diversity and uniqueness of their data center landscape, standard, and requirements in their countries. Of course, the standard, in their opinions, are important. But what is more important is mentality of “Good Data Center”. In other words, good data center must create “Trust and Reliability” leading to customer’s peace of mind.

Global data center standard was one of the topics of discussion in the forum, with keynote speakers from Uptime Institute. It was one of the very rare occasions which Mr. John Duffin Managing Director and Mr. Patrick Chan, Business Development of Uptime Institute South Asia shared with Thailand on the important characteristics towards worldwide data centers, inevitably including ones in Thailand as the standardized data centers will uplift performance and credibility and will be important weapon for Thailand itself to enter AEC and Digital Era.

In light of role supporting Digital Era, Dr. Pansak Siriruchatapong, Executive Director of Digital Economy Preparatory Commission Secretariat, Ministry of ICT spoke on behalf of Thai Government, ensuring that public sector is attempting to deeply implant digital frameworks for Thailand by paring up private and public organizations and making sure they collaborate. Afterwards another panel assembling representatives being gear wheel Digital Era: Dr. Kumpol Sontanarat, Director, Information and Communication Technology Department from the Securities and Exchange Commission, Thailand, Mr. Chaya Limchitti, BKNIX Project Director from Bangkok Neutral Internet Exchange, Ms. Sakuna Panyaviwat, Head of IT Operations Department from the Stock Exchange of Thailand, and Ms. Duangkeo Crinon, Director of Information Technology Department from the Bank of Thailand took place as audience understood more that IT infrastructure is “Intolerable to be lacked in by bodies of public and private sectors”. Data center should function well to avoid downtime for Mission-Critical businesses. For example, Bank of Thailand’s BAHTNET (Bank of Thailand Automated High-value Transfer Network): a financial infrastructure which controls all financial institutions’ transfer network in Thailand is too critical to be hung by a thread; being operated without standardized and reliable data centers and connectivity.

All’s well that ends well, the forum was then completed by the talk of TCCT’s business partner: Microsoft Thailand whose representative Mr. Tanapong Ittisakulchai, Director – Small and Midmarket Solutions and Partners gave a macro view of data center trends and growth direction including Cloud’s leap frog development to Hybrid platform, emphasizing the fact that data center and disaster recovery center are of essence.

The forum also featured international and local partners namely Microsoft, SAP, Dell, VMware, Metro System, and Netband. The forum was also joined by Electronic Government Agency (EGA) who demonstrated KIOSK (piloting in Bangkok) facilitating even people who do not have smartphone to be able to get accessed to or utilize information for their own social benefits such as information of social security and National Credit Bureau data.

About TCC Technology (TCCT)

T.C.C. Technology Co., Ltd. (TCCT) is a member of TCC Group, one of the largest conglomerates in Thailand. TCCT is the first certified SAP Hosting and SAP Cloud Partner in Thailand and also Microsoft certified partner, offering the best-in-class cloud-based solutions and data center services via the strong collaboration with various global partners. TCCT offers commercial managed hosting and infrastructure solutions designed to meet increasing demands from organization looking to outsource their information technology requirements. TCCT currently operates not only highly secured multiple world-class Enterprise Data Centers in downtown Bangkok and the city’s eastern suburbs, but also manages to cover Industrial and International Data Centers in Asia via its Asia Data Center Alliance (ADCA) network.