YouGov released the 2015 Best Brand Ranking for Thailand! Facebook is ranked No.1! Inbox x

YouGov released the 2015 Best Brand Ranking for Thailand! Facebook is ranked No.1!

YouGov, as a global leading polling and research firm, has just published the 2015 Best Brand Ranking for Thailand based on YouGov BrandIndex data. Facebook is ranked top with the highest buzz score of 59.8 in 2015, while Line and YouTube are ranked second and third!

Below are the top 10 brands ranked by our survey participants for your reference.YouGov

Thailand: Top Buzz Rankings

And here are the top buzz rankings by industry category in Thailand:

YouGov’s BrandIndex is a daily measure of brand perception among the public, tracking many brands across multiple sectors simultaneously. Every six month, we consolidate our data and publish the Best Brand Ranking across the globe. The 2015 Rankings compare BrandIndex Buzz scores for over 250 brands in Thailand, to reveal the brands with the most positive noise in the year. Thailand is a recent new addition to BrandIndex, tracking brands since January of 2015, and these pages include 2015 rankings data only.

To see the detailed methodology, or to see the Best Brand Ranking in other countries / regions, visit our BrandIndex website:

Should you have any further enquiry on the ranking, please feel free to contact me further.

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