Modernizes and Leads the Market of Professional Internships in Thailand Modernizes and Leads the Market of Professional Internships in ThailandAIP

BANGKOK, Thailand – Asia Internship Programme (AIP) is the first fully integrated internship provider in Southeast Asia. AIP is the leading company in their sector as they offer one-of-a-kind experiences to students in the frame of professional internships in booming economies across Southeast Asia. What makes them stand out is that their team fully immerses themselves throughout each students’ process. Ken Jayaphorn,’s Co-Founder and Operations Director states: “It’s the care that we give to each student. I personally interview every one myself and make sure that each of their [internship] position matches with their expectations. Even if the position is rare, we do everything we can to arrange it for the student.”

As such, AIP is not merely placing students on internship positions. AIP offers a student-centric service. By intensely interacting with each applicant, AIP creates a profile stating the interests and expectations of each individual. Subsequently, AIP leverages their expansive local network to create an internship position enabling the participants to develop their skill-set in line with their long-term career goals. Simon Osborne, Group Managing Director of AIP explains: “We are taking a bottom-up approach. We identify the skills each applicant requires to reach his long term career goals. Based on this profile, we organize an internship position that helps the student to acquire the appropriate skills”.

AIP cooperates with a total number of more than 450 placement partners. Their network consists exclusively of high-profile corporations, living up to the highest professional standards. In addition to multinational corporations, AIP liaises with fast-growing startup-companies and leading NGOs. As Marcel Weder, Head of Strategy & Innovation at AIP remarks, the partnership network of AIP is very dynamic: “We promise to respond to the expectations of each individual applicant. Therefore, we need to constantly develop our network. If there is no appropriate position available among our placement partners to satisfy a specific request, we have to explore new opportunities.” As such, AIP has placed the first international interns at major companies in Thailand, such as TICON and Channel 3. Ken Jayaphorn adds: “Most large public companies were initially reluctant to open up for foreign interns. It’s usually bureaucracy that hampers the process. With our customized approach, we managed to overcome this barrier. Finally, we even managed to create a position at PTT – a partly state-owned company that never employed any foreign interns prior to that.

There are a range of services offered to students under the AIP ecosystem, each designed to create an overall beneficial and meaningful internship experience. With Duke Language School (DLS), AIP has invested in a Thai language school. Participants have the chance to delve into the local culture. A language course, which makes part of the internship program, does not only facilitate the interns time abroad, it also increases their chances to be offered a full time position subsequent to their internship.

AIP is constantly looking to further improve their program. Marcel Weder comments, “We saw that many students’ main career goal was to start up their own company. We set up an event called Startup Idol sponsored by Intouch’s corporate VC InVent. Early stage startups can raise funds, giving students an opportunity to start their own business.” Moreover, AIP has recently launched its internal pre-seed angel investment vehicle ADEPTO, supporting interns in connecting with the startup local community and possibly start their own venture.

Being a member of various leading Chambers of Commerce, AIP has access to frequent exclusive networking events. For those looking to secure a job in Thailand after their internship, these occasions provide the perfect opportunity to do so. Additionally, informal Meet-ups enable interns to engage with one another and meet people from all over the world.

As one of Southeast Asia’s most rapidly growing business hubs, Thailand is attracting more foreign job seekers than ever before. An internship in the kingdom is a unique opportunity for students to experience this development and get first-hand knowledge of one of the most exciting economies globally. Simon Osborne, Group Managing Director at describes the region as, “a dynamic emerging market that’s uniquely positioned as the gateway to the ASEAN community.” He adds, “Internships are a new paradigm in Thailand and AIP prides themselves on popularizing it. We have been successful in education corporations on how to design mutually beneficial internship programs by providing the trainees with meaningful and challenging tasks and we will continue doing so.”


Founded in Bangkok, Thailand, AIP is Southeast Asia’s leading social enterprise in the field of experential learning and internships. They strive to modernize the world of professional internships in Thailand with their wide range of services and partners. AIP is specialized in creating tailor-made internships in Thailand matching the students’ interests while providing them with the resources necessary to accelerate their careers.