Take good care of your Headphones and extend the benefits of your Workouts

Take good care of your Headphones and extend the benefits
of your Workouts

Bangkok – 09 March 2016 – As we live in today’s fast-paced society, exercising has grown to become a popular activity for people in Thailand who want better stress management and maintain healthy bodies and minds. Nowadays, sports and fitness trends are more dynamic, which has brought greater popularity to activities such as boxing, yoga fly, pole dancing, and cycling. Today, Thais are not only interested in just indoor exercises – outdoors activities are becoming increasingly popular. Music is a key element in helping us stay focused during our workouts and making the experience more pleasant. People who enjoy exercising are always seeking the best portable music devices, whether they work out in the park or at the gym.

To make sure music helps us get the best of our workouts, sports headphones have to be strong in quite a few disciplines. They must be resistant to rain and sweat. They should tolerate being treated with sporty roughness. And they have to stay securely and comfortably in place, even during the most violent workout moves. Sennheiser sports headphones were developed in partnership with athletes who know what they want and need from their sporting gears: Moisture resistance, variable wearing styles, superior strength and reliability, and a powerful dynamic sound that never fails to motivate them.Mood Sport ruggedness_MX 686_RGB_resized

The sports headphones from Sennheiser naturally fit into the earholes to prevent any discomfort during long periods of use. Headphone cords are made using advanced technology to guarantee comfort, water proof quality, and durability. Sennheiser takes into consideration all design elements for every single part of the headphone. For instance, the cords are designed as an ellipse to prevent tangling, using flexible materials for ease of use and that have the capability of reducing noise from wind or from friction from clothes. Both the earbuds and cushions have SteriTouch® anti-bacteria properties to minimise ear infections, which is a standard accessory for better sound and hygiene during use. With all these features, music will not only make your life more fun while exercising, but it will help maintain hygienic aspects which are also as important.

Choosing the right pair of headphones for different sporting needs is important. For example, with indoor sports like boxing or working out in the gym, it is ideal adopt headphone types with earbud plugs. In the case of outdoor sports, those with ear hooks can help increase the attachment strength so that the headphones stay throughout the entire workout. The quality of the speakers and the sound also come into play in order to enhance the workout experience.Mood Sport water-resistant_MX 686_RGB_resized

However, how do we know whether we are taking care of our headphones – our personal workout partner – the right way? No matter which types of sports the headphones are used, maintenance is an essential factor in keeping your headphones in top condition for greater longevity. Here are some simple care tips to ensure better product longevity, so that your ears can also be clean and safe during workouts:

  • Before use, gently plug-in the headphones to the music device and avoid applying too much pressure or scrunching up the cable.
  • After each use, apply a damp cloth to wipe off sweat and dirt from the cords. Then, use a dry cloth to clean the cords once again. This will prevent sweat from reacting with the cords and cause them to harden and cause damage to the earphones.
  • Dirty earphones can lead to ear infections, and also affect sound quality due to additional harmonic distortion. Use Q-tips or a wet cloth to wipe the ear buds clean every once in a while.
  • After every use, avoid wrapping the cords around the device as it can cause damage to the headphones in the long term.
  • Do not keep your headphones in places where the temperature is too hot or humid. This will shorten the life span of your headphones. Store them in a storage pouch within a cool, dry place when they are not in use.

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