Sit Less, Move More with Fitbit New Feature – Hourly Activity & Stationary Time Tracking

Sit Less, Move More with Fitbit New Feature –

Hourly Activity & Stationary Time Tracking

Hourly activity goals help you cut back on your stationary time throughout the day. They’re available for all Fitbit wrist-based devicesHourly Activity Lifestyle

Thailand, 24 May 2016 – Fitbit, Inc., the leader in the connected health and fitness market, introduced Hourly Activity & Stationary Time Tracking, a new feature to encourage you to move more and to help cut back on your stationary time throughout the day, which is available for all Fitbit wrist-based devices.

Fitbit® data scientists crunched some numbers recently and discovered some Fitbit users aren’t moving for prolonged periods throughout the day—on average, those periods can last for 90 minutes*, and over the span of one day they add up to more than 7 sedentary hours* per day. As if just knowing how much time you spend in a chair wasn’t enough to get you out of it, consider this: cumulative sitting has been linked to an increased risk of colon cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. Thankfully, walking for a few minutes every hour has been shown to reduce the negative impacts of sitting. To help you remember to get up, Fitbit has introduced new features that allow you to track your Hourly Activity and Stationary Time in the Fitbit app, when paired with Fitbit Surge, Blaze, Charge HR, Alta, Charge, or Flex.

Ready to get started? Navigate to the new Hourly Activity tile (it’s already in your Fitbit dashboard!), and click through to set an hourly step goal. In addition to the CDC health guideline to fit in 2.5 hours of moderate exercise each week, aim to also take 250 steps each hour, which is roughly two to three minutes of walking. As your Hourly Activity time goes up, you’ll notice a decrease in your Stationary Time patterns over time.Fitbit App_Hourly_Activity_Screen_1 Fitbit App_Hourly_Activity_Screen_2 Fitbit App_Hourly_Activity_Screen_3

Fitbit’s mission is to help users reach their health and fitness goals, including during work hours. The newest Fitbit device, Fitbit Alta, is equipped with Reminders to Move – a little buzz every hour if you haven’t gotten 250 steps during that hour. Beginning today, all users of Fitbit wrist-based devices will be able to track their hourly activity within the Fitbit app.

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