“Kaspersky Academy Cybersecurity Meet-up” in Hong Kong – A Kaspersky Lab APAC Cybersecurity Education Initiative

“Kaspersky Academy Cybersecurity Meet-up” in Hong Kong – A Kaspersky Lab APAC Cybersecurity Education InitiativeHK

Kaspersky Lab today announced the “Kaspersky Academy Cybersecurity Meet-up”, an exciting initiative between the global cybersecurity company and students in Hong Kong who are considered the future of the cybersecurity industry.

In partnership with the Department of Future Technologies in Kaspersky Lab, the campus roadshow is open for participation of students of Hong Kong on 30th & 31st May. Students who register for the event will have a chance to meet managers as well as experts from Kaspersky Lab and network with them.

The Kaspersky Academy Cybersecurity Meet-up is an event packed with interesting lessons, workshops and seminars with Kaspersky Lab’s cybersecurity experts. The event aims to introduce students to the new Kaspersky OS.

The Kaspersky OS is a secure platform for embedded, connected devices (for Internet of Things) that provides flexible security. It is a new operating system developed by Kaspersky Lab.

Experts from the global cybersecurity company will also share their knowledge about living and surviving in a connected world; provide an introduction to the Kaspersky OS where students can ask questions to the expert and get insights on what challenges Kaspersky Lab APAC faces and how they work to overcome it. Students are also able to learn more about the art of cybersecurity from Kaspersky Lab experts in the panel discussion session.

Apart from the talks and discussions, the Kaspersky Academy Cybersecurity Meet-up will also see students participate in fun hands-on activities such as Hackerquest and an interactive simulation game called Kaspersky Interactive Protection Simulation (KIPS).

About Kaspersky Lab

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