“Smartphone ODMs: The Wizards Behind the Scene”

“Smartphone ODMs: The Wizards Behind the Scene”Smartphone ODMs The Wizards Behind the Scene

The infographic is already uploaded on the IDC Infographic Library.  Click the link below to access


Key Takeaways:

  • Branded phone vendors like Apple and Xiaomi use companies like Foxconn in the background for the purposes of product assembly and – in some cases – design work too. The branded vendors are known as OEMs, while the assemblers are known as ODMs.
  • Over 70% of smartphones come from China but this includes semi knock down (SKD) units assembled locally in India, Brazil, etc.
  • Huawei uses multiple assembly partners like Taiwanese ODMs, Chinese ODMs, EMS’es and also assembles in-house.  Apple partners with Taiwanese ODMs while OPPO, vivo and Samsung assembles in house.
  • Foxconn is the largest global assembler (excluding in-house) while Huaqin is the largest Chinese assembler.