DataOne Asia and Ares International Corp Launches ArgoERP in Thailand Aim to be the No.1 Software in ASEAN

DataOne Asia and Ares International Corp

Launches ArgoERP in Thailand Aim to be the No.1 Software in ASEAN

DataOne Asia joins forces with Ares International Corp., the first Taiwan-based software company listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE), announced the launch “ArgoERP” in Thailand. To provide the best software and efficient for businesses. The partnership also marks the entry of both companies into the ASEAN market where remarkable growth prospects for both parties are in sight.ArgoERP1

Mr. Adisorn Kaewbucha, CEO of DataOne Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said “the cooperation is a strategic move for both companies to build a solid customer base in Thailand. ArgoERP is a business software system for medium scale enterprises that are looking for a fully integrated business system, from accounting to human resources, asset management, production and distribution. It will enable them to better plan and manage resources through full function integration. ArgoERP was designed to best address specific needs of business enterprises in Asia, including Thailand. The two partners aim to make ArgoERP the No.1 software for ASEAN enterprises in the future.”

Adison added that DataOne Asia has three strategic business units – direct selling, IT product distribution to partners, and IT outsourcing. The wide variety of offerings allows DataOne to give customers a wider range of creative solutions that will enhance business performance.

As part of its product portfolio expansion, DataOne Asia has added ArgoERP to its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software offerings as it sees a great opportunity for growth in this segment. The company has first implemented the software in SVOA Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries in order to build up DataOne Asia team’s expertise and experience in ERP implementation, problem solving and consultation. This will also help the company gain greater confidence from its customers.

The strength of ArgoERP lies on its flexibility. The software is easy to understand for Thai enterprises with Thai language supported. In addition, ArgoERP is multi-currency supported, making it ideal for import-export businesses and those operating in various global market.

The company plans to introduce the software to customers in the manufacturing sector, business corporations and SMEs. In the future, it will integrate the ERP with other corporate administration and management functions, including sales and services.

According to Adisorn, Thailand is the largest IT market in Southeast Asia, considering the steady influx of investment from leading multinational companies that establish their business and production hubs in Thailand. Half of the IT market is dominated by imported software, including ERP which totaled USD27 million in 2014 and is expected to reach USD90 million in 2017, representing 10%-17% growth per annum.

Mr. Frank Lin, President of Ares International Corporation, said that, ERP is Oracle-based software and is highly reputable for its data security and system design. ArgoERP was designed in Asia but with international concepts – high flexibility and customization. Enterprise can change the parameters to best match organizational needs. ArgoERP’s full functions were researched and developed to directly address specific demands of enterprises and legal requirements in local markets, including ASEAN. It is therefore easy for IT managers to successfully implement the system with affordable costs. At the same time, enterprises, especially medium and large scale enterprises, can be assured that they have the right ERP software that will effectively fuel their business.

To better understand local market needs and deliver the best possible products and services in Thailand, Ares has been working closely with SVOA and its subsidiary DataOne Asia. SVOA group offers IT distribution services, national-wide retail channel coverage, factoring and leasing services. They also have an extensive network of 16 distribution and service centers, 200 reseller partners and the largest service center network across Thailand. Meanwhile, DataOne Asia is a specialist in providing turn-key and outsourcing IT solutions to enterprises from different sectors in Thailand. They have the capabilities to deliver IT solutions efficiently based on customer requirements and meet certain standards related to government compliance and legal requirements of Thailand, as well as overcoming the language issues.

SVOA’s large marketing network is expected to help ArgoERP to reach a great number of new customers, strengthen relationship together with existing ones and enhance brand recognition. This partnership will bring a marketing practice that has been successful in Thailand to other countries across Southeast Asia. At the same time, Ares International will be able to strengthen its leadership in the software market driven by its vast research and development experience, professionalism and strong financial positioning. As listed company on Taiwan’s stock exchange, Ares International has been in the software service industry for 35 years, providing solutions for customers in the government sector, commercial banks, finance and general business. The company also has a strong presence in Taiwan Japan, Europe and the United States.

“More importantly, Ares can answer our customers’ need in this mobility era by combining Argo Portal with e-ARGO, a Cloud-based function that enables enterprises to have easy access to data and information regardless of time and places. This feature enables enterprises to capture any business opportunity presented to them. ArgoERP has been continually improved to best address the changing business environment. We have unique marketing strategies. And, these are key factors enabling ArgoERP to earn high recognition from our customers and we will continue to do so in the future,” added Mr. Lin.