Be the Happiest Beamer on #fame! Join “Happy Week” and win a gift voucher

Be the Happiest Beamer on #fame!

Join “Happy Week” and win a gift voucher

Last week our hottest talents on #fame, a Live Video Social Platform catering to mobile Gen Y, were beaming about the rainy season making it the hottest trend of the week! This week #fame is launching thrilling new activities for all users, that will give you a chance to win one of our swanky gift vouchers.

Join us this week on #fame’s and take part in our “Happy Week” from 18-23 July 2009, beamers will be compelled to beam any special moments related to happiness, what makes you jump for joy, what do you do to put yourself and others in a great mood?. As a heads up you could beam about : cakes to die for, your favourite place to shop when you need a pick me up, your mum’s mouthwatering signature dish cooked from the heart, your hottest dance moves or some of the fun things you get up to with your gang. Don’t hesitate this week is THE TIME to share those joy packed moments on #fame to spread the seeds happiness!

Special for Thai beamers only: apart from #fame’s “Happy Week” campaign, get a chance to win an exclusive gift voucher for every live video from all talents! Every time you watch and participate in a talent’s live video, you could win a 200 baht gift voucher right at the end of the live session. So don’t miss out and join the real time entertainment from our popular talents and get lucky!

#fame is a Live Video Social Platform catering to the mobile savvy millennial. Individuals, be they celebrities or otherwise , can beam live using their phone or desktop and find a ready audience wherever they are. If you haven’t tried #fame yet, now is the time, follow us on social media and stay tuned for our exciting upcoming activities!

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About #fame

#fame is a Live Video Social Platform catering to mobile millennial through an integrated ‘talent-first’ strategy.  Individuals, both celebrities and amateurs, can beam live using their phone or desktop and find a ready audience.  The audience can chat and interact with their favorite performers through several means including giving virtual stickers and gifts.  Popular beams span the entire gamut of entertainment, from music and movies to food, fashion, and comedy.  Present as an app as well as on the web ( #fame is a unique live entertainment platform that helps performers build an intimate bond with their audience and keep the audience coming back for more.  #fame is set to become Asia’s premier digital entertainment network through its presence across six countries over the next three years.

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60% of the world’s young, social and mobile consumers will reside in Asia by 2020. In a social and mobile-first world, TO THE NEW Ventures is a disruptive Internet products company, creating and operating mobile first businesses. TO THE NEW Ventures specializes in emerging markets, especially fast track Asia – India, ASEAN and China. Its businesses include #fame, an online video platform for talent, American Swan, an online fashion business, Thoughtbuzz, a freemium social analytics and CRM product, Blogmint, a marketplace between brands and bloggers and TO THE NEW Digital, a digital services company. Read more at

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