Thailand’s Top Marketers Marching to Unconventional Media Event: Ideas with no Boundaries and Media with no Rules for Proactive Marketing

Thailand’s Top Marketers Marching to Unconventional Media Event: Ideas with no Boundaries and Media with no Rules for Proactive Marketingรวมวิทยากร

Rawit Hanutsaha, Srichand brand’s legend maker and Nuvee Lertbunnapong, Head of Invention, Mindshare, team up with well-known marketers and graphic media designers to share ideas for proactive marketing by discovering creative content that cannot be found on the internet in world’s creative cities. The creative team includes Napat Tangsanga, online course inventor of “How to Make Millions for Viral Clip”, owner of SL Production House Studio, and successful viral clip creator together with Jirayu Koo-amornpattana and Yota Sampasneethumrong, internationally famous graphic designers.

Ms. Anchalee Yupamake, Chief Commercial Officer, GroupM, who is also the host of the conference asserted “We have already and completely moved into digital era, where our lifestyle has totally changed. Urban lifestyle has especially witnessed the dramatic change. Smart phones are now playing a big role in our life, making it more convenient to access information and services and providing more choices for consumers. In response to this rapid change, we, as marketers, need to question ourselves if we are going to be the trend follower or the trendsetter. Regarding this matter, GroupM has hosted this conference to crack the code by Thailand’s top marketers who are trendsetters, changing the world with their creative marketing ideas. I truly hope that Unconventional Media Event: Ideas with no Boundaries and Media with no Rules will more or less be a creative stimulus to ignite great resolutions for marketers. Plus, interested students are going to be the new wave in driving the industry to international stage in the near future.”

Mr. Nuvee Lertbunnapong, Head of Invention, Mindshare Thailand (WPP Group) a panelist of Unconventional Media: Media with no Rules are Seafood Dressing to Spice up Ideas added “Most marketing activations go along with PR implementation, using media channels as a means. In pushing traditional media beyond their rules, contents must be flavorful to suit the target’s taste. More importantly, hearty ideas need to be added to complete the whole dish.”

Napat Tangsanga, CEO of S.L. Studio and Director, content inventor of “How to Make Millions from Viral Clip”, and million maker from his viral clips, expressed his opinion as a panelist of Creative Content via Viral Marketing: Great Ideas Need to Explode like Fireworks at Times Square “Viral clip is a combination of the art of storytelling and technology. Appealing presentation techniques plus captivating contents are the heart of viral marketing. Keywords are also important as they need to be clearly stated. In fact, there are many factors in making successful viral clip, but the most important ones are content and target approach. For this, we need to analyze and exploring appropriate communication channels. Good contents, once shared, will explode like fireworks and spread out in every direction.”

Jirayu Koo-amornpattana and Yota Sampasneethumrong, world’s top graphic designers whose work was published in The New York Times from Food Blog: We are Kin Kin, shared from their experience in Creative Storytelling: Captivating Ideas Coexist with Artistic Storytelling “We believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. Putting ideas in a picture is like artistic composition, where we have to find the right angle place it together and express out the ideas. Great ideas need to come with great art of storytelling, the style of which we need to make unique as our own. Experiencing and learning new things are of importance as we can create more than one creative style of storytelling if we have more than one perspective of the world around us and then adapting and adjusting to be more unique and individual.”

The last panel Creativity is everything: Ideas First was led by Mr. Rawit Hanutsaha, the legend maker of Srichand brand, who has successfully rebranded the vintage cosmetic powder brand by using ideas as key driver. Based on his experience in rebranding, he revealed all the details from concept, inspiration, to marketing research “In making unique and distinguished brand, we need a strong inner power. Research is important for the best findings and results. Most importantly, we must dare to think out of the box, putting ideas and unique taste altogether, which will bring innovative creativities. Last but not least, we need to make it happen immediately.” Unconventional Media Event: Ideas with no Boundaries; Media with no Rules has got positive feedback from over 500 participants including marketers and students from educational institutes. Knowledge, experience, and enjoyment were shared throughout the event.