It’sMe joins Cat Radio, announcing It’sMe Cat Foodival Feel the music and meet amazing people on It’sMe

It’sMe joins Cat Radio, announcing It’sMe Cat Foodival

Feel the music and meet amazing people on It’sMe

Bangkok, 08 August, 2016: It’sMe, the live video streaming app that allows you to share your best moments anytime and anywhere has joined Cat Radio as the main sponsor to organize It’s Me Cat Foodival at the Airport Rail link by Makkasan station. All music lovers or fans are getting this great opportunity to bless their soul with the exhilarating music including the non-stop concert from famous fave artists such as STAMP, PARADOX, SQWEEZ ANIMAL, TEN TO TWELVE, JELLY ROCKET, SUPERBAKER, LEMON SOUP, OMNI SIGHT (JAPAN), MOVING AND CUT, THE DAI DAI, TUN APARTMENT KHUN PA HIPHOP DRUM N BASS SHOW, BETTER WEATHER, YELLOW FANG, and GREASY CAFÉ. There is also the food station from famous artists with around 60 booths including the fascinating activities from It’sMe. Moreover, fans can also meet their fave VJs from It’sMe who line up on the list of more than 100 lives to offer the fun activities until drop.

The live video streaming app “It’sMe” has made its first debut in May this year. It has been specifically designed for video sharing and to provide entertainment. It is a social media platform that brings together many stars, attractive and talented people using the app. “It’s Me” will begin a trend on social apps soon as its best quality content distinguishes itself from its rivals or competitors.

It’sMe allows audiences to give diamond and other gift items to their favourite VJs. With millions of daily audiences since its first launch this year, It’sMe has received lots of billions US dollars in funding, made a name, and gained recognition among investors in its live streaming potential.

Many VJs will show off their talents from various quality contents and will earn money from diamond in exchange. VJ Baifern, age 28, now studies at Sasin Graduate Institute and signed her contract with It’sME as a talented freelancer earns 1.49millions diamonds from gifts on It’sMe or 750,000baht this month by sharing her talk show. She will live on It’sMe in the morning and evening everyday with more than 34,000 followers. The app also allows VJs to review the wide range of products such as cosmetic, food supplements and so on.

Stay tuned with all and our next activities where It’sMe’s VJs will show off their content creation, a good sense of fans engagement, live conversations and exchanges on individual styles. Become It’sMe community member; let’s share our experiences from a pool of interesting topics in a very friendly manner. Still dreaming to become It’sMe’s audiences or broadcasters, the ball is in your court and the choice is yours!.

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