Renesas Electronics Expands Renesas Synergy™ Platform for IoT Markets in Asia Pacific

Renesas Electronics Expands Renesas Synergy™ Platform
for IoT Markets in Asia Pacific

Asian Pacific System Developers can Now Experience the Qualified and Integrated Platform to Accelerate Embedded Development of Innovative Applications

 THAILAND, August 17, 2016 Renesas Electronics Singapore, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Corporation (TSE: 6723), announced that the Renesas Synergy™ Platform is now available in Asia Pacific markets. Renesas Synergy is a complete and qualified platform with fully integrated software, a scalable family of microcontrollers (MCUs), and unified development tools to speed embedded system developers’ time to market as they innovate new products for IoT device applications. At the heart of the Synergy Platform is the Synergy Software Package (SSP), which is qualified, supported, warranted, and maintained by Renesas. The SSP consists of a real-time operating system (RTOS), extensive middleware, communications stacks, and more – all accessible through a robust Application Programming Interface (API) to free customers from struggling with lower-level details. Developers can start MCU software development immediately at the API level so that they can focus on differentiating their own product instead of doing repetitive non-differentiating work. Additionally, system developers can lower their total cost of ownership, and remove many obstacles that prevent them from starting new designs.Brian Davis Ronnie Ho Synergy Development Kit Synergy Gallery Synergy Platform block diagram

System developers in South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and India can now access the full service of the Synergy Platform, using the Synergy Gallery website where simple click-through licensing is all that is needed for immediate download of professional software and development tools with no fees or royalties. In October this year, the launch will be extended to Mainland China/Hong Kong region and Taiwan region, completing global availability of the Synergy Platform.

Since its initial launch in the US market in October 2015, and subsequent launches in Europe and Japan, the Synergy Platform has continued to expand in capability and grow in unique value through expansion of features and business partnerships. The SSP is mature and already contains hundreds of sophisticated and integrated functions to ease MCU software development with more functionality coming with each SSP release. Developers using the Synergy Platform now have the choice of using either of two professional software development environments, both of which provide full step-by-step guidance and code generation: the IAR Embedded Workbench®, the most widely used development toolchain in the world that is now integrated into the Synergy Platform, or e2studio, Renesas’ long-standing Eclipse-based development tool. Business expansion includes new partners participating the Verified Software Add-on (VSA) Program enabling Synergy Platform customers to browse and download third party software components from the Synergy Gallery that are pre-tested and verified by Renesas to be compatible with the SSP. Developers can add specialized functions to their SSP projects with confidence in the areas of secure communications, cloud services, home and industrial automation communication protocols.

“In the rapidly evolving IoT industry, those who cannot get to market first with products that have differentiated value are at an immediate disadvantage,” said Ronnie Ho, Director of General Purpose Marketing, Renesas Electronics Singapore. “By enabling developers to start at the software API level and enjoy a connected real-time system without the need to build and maintain baseline functionality, the Synergy Platform empowers our customers to drive innovation and differentiation in their own end-products to succeed in a very competitive market.”

Key elements of Renesas Synergy Platform
The Synergy Platform is comprised of five main elements, all integrated to achieve the most optimized functionality and best customer experience. The elements include:

Synergy Software
Includes the SSP that integrates Express Logic ThreadX® RTOS plus stacks, libraries and utilities such as NetX Duo™, USBX™, GUIX™, and FileX® with a rich application framework and drivers — all optimized specifically for the Synergy MCU architecture and accessible through a standardized API layer. The SSP was developed under strict Renesas Software Quality Assurance requirements and in accordance with industry best practices including ISO/IEC-12207. Regularly maintained as commercial software over a lifetime, the SSP is warranted to operate within specifications published in a software datasheet. An ecosystem of third party VSA software components are certified by Renesas to be SSP-compatible for seamless expansion of the SSP into specialized functions.  

Synergy Microcontrollers
Four Synergy MCU series are based on ARM® Cortex®-M CPU cores and deliver a wide spectrum of performance, safety, security, cryptography, connectivity, and graphics capabilities for use in products ranging from low-power portable devices to large, calculation intensive applica­tions. Synergy MCUs are feature and pin compatible allowing easy scalability and code reuse from one device to another. MCUs have been in mass production status since October 2015, including the Synergy MCU Groups S7G2, S3A7, and S124.

Synergy Tools and Kits
To streamline embedded software development the Synergy Platform provides an extensive selection of intuitive tools including the e2 studio Integrated Solution Development Environment, IAR Embedded Workbench®for Renesas Synergy, TraceX®, and GUIX Studio™. A range of easy-to-use kits enable rapid hardware development with Synergy Development Kits (DK) and low-cost Starter Kits (SK). These Kits now include the DK-S7G2, DK-S3A7, DK-S124, and SK-S7G2 with more coming throughout 2016.  

Synergy Solutions
These solutions go beyond typical MCU development kits to offer actual products exam­ples and to offer bundled technologies that provide a head start on customers’ designs. Product Example (PE) kits offer a unique perspective into a “design instance” of a particular end-product, closely representing how the actual end-product would be designed including documentation to enable customers to adapt the design to their own end-product. An excellent example is the PE-HMI1 kit representing a Human Machine Interface with color display panel and high-speed connectivity.

Synergy Gallery
Everything required for Synergy Software development is available here – one-click licensing, software package downloads software development tools, and specialty add-on software. No fees or royalty payments stand in the way. Make a simple registration, download software and tools, access support, go to production, and receive software maintenance. It is that simple.

Renesas Synergy Platform is now available in South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and India. To learn more about the product, please visit, or contact the local Renesas sales representative at

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