The New Website that Gives Thailand’s Women Control of Online Dating

The New Website that Gives Thailand’s Women Control of Online Dating

Allowing the Ladies to Call the Shots in a Fun and Friendly Waymeeboy_illustrations3 meeboy_illustrations9 meeboy_illustrations15 meeboy_illustrations20

                        Bangkok, ThailandIn November 2016, a game changer in the world of online dating, will go live. It combines the best aspects of gaming, online activities and meeting people, with a strong safety-net that blocks any unwanted or inappropriate messages; creating a secure environment particularly for female users who often feel unsafe on other such websites.

Meeboy is Safe, Easy, Fast and Free

At Meeboy, Ladies are in control: they select the man they want to be in contact with. To make it easier to find a suitable match, Meeboy uses cutting-edge technology and determines affinity rates. There is an option for girls to speak exclusively with the man they chose. This is a fun and secure process, since Meeboy verifies the profile of each new member.

“Knowing that I can choose who I allow to contact me makes me a lot more comfortable. It makes me feel safer and this is why I prefer Meeboy over any other online dating websites I have tried,” says Ploy, a member of Meeboy.

Meeboy  allows members to use all of its features for free. When participating in activities, members are rewarded with Meeboy Diamonds that can then be used to acquire upgrades and rewards.

Meeboy Introduces New Elements of Fun

Apart from messaging each other, users will also be able to use interactive games in order to discover new members, win Meeboy Diamonds, send roses, read columns with love advice or become Meeboy’s “Celebrity of the Day”. These features are designed for users to have a fun time and enjoy their experience. To take the Meeboy experience to the next level, members have the option of upgrading their status to VIP. This offers additional benefits ranging from special features and rewards to invitations to private events.

According to the Meeboy team, guys should see signing up for Meeboy like going to a ”Ladies’ Night” event at a club. It is fun and nothing shameful. Meeboy will be home to a cool community full-of enriching, fun and entertaining connections between members. “Getting to know girls has become really easy since I’ve started to use Meeboy. And unlike other online dating sites, this one is actually fun! You can play games and get to know girls in a fun relaxed way, making it a lot less stressful,” Jay, one of Meeboy’s early members, explains.

Meeboy Changes the Rules of Online Dating

Meeboy is different in its approach towards safety and privacy. In the world of online dating, meeting a stranger can sometimes seem intimidating, especially to women. At Meeboy, every profile is reviewed carefully by the team to ensure the safety of all users. Strong spam filters help remove unwanted or inappropriate messages. Since Meeboy provides real contact and dating opportunities, users are encouraged to alert Meeboy of anybody who is breaking the appropriate protocol. This approach creates a safe comfortable environment that especially female users appreciate.

Meeboy addresses the ladies first and makes their safety is the number one concern. The majority of dating websites creates an environment where women are bombarded with inappropriate and disrespectful messages. Meeboy intends to change that, and give women the power to choose the men they want to get to know.

“I feel that on Meeboy men really make an effort to charm the ladies but without being pushy and rude. This makes me feel comfortable and lets me really enjoy getting to know people on this website,” Cherry, a new member, points-out.

To learn more, please visit the Meeboy website or e-mail the team at