A Closer Look at Thailand’s Newest Web Marketing Solution Provider

A Closer Look at Thailand’s Newest Web Marketing Solution Provider

            Bangkok, THAILAND: Since February 2016, f-code (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has gained a significant market share in Thailand due to its innovative and successful web marketing solutions. Thanks to the development of its user interface optimization tools, f-code’s technology has strongly increased the performance of web pages for its clients in a variety of industries through targeted calls to action (CTA).

f-code Thailand Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of f-code Inc. and was founded by Mr. Tsutomu Kudo (now President of the company) in 2006 while he was still in college. When he realized the immense opportunities in the ever-growing digital marketing sector in his third year of studies, he decided to leave school and pursue his goal of building his web marketing company.

In its early years, f-code provided consulting services to its clients and assisted them with improving their websites to increase conversions. While doing this work, Mr. Kudo recognized a strong need for more specialized tools. In 2012, the company launched its first product “f-tra EFO” (Entry Form Optimization), that encourages users to finish filling out opt-in forms on websites. This product’s success helped f-code acquire a market share of 25% within only a few years and made it apparent that there was a demand for further web marketing solutions. This lead to “f-tra CTA” (Call To Action) being created in 2015 and the company to declare its new mission of “creating a better world with marketing technology”.

With f-code’s growing popularity in Japan, it was clear that the company’s technology would be in high demand abroad as well. Thailand was considered an attractive destination for opening a subsidiary from the very beginning as it is one of the leading countries in ASEAN and digital marketing and customer acquisition are rapidly gaining importance there. Since Japan and Thailand have always had a good relationship and many Japanese companies are well established in the Kingdom, it was the obvious first choice for the location of f-code’s first international branch.

Since f-code’s launch in Thailand in early 2016, many clients from a wide range of industries have started using and relying on the company’s products, and the excellent results they yield. “f-tra” tools focus on improving the marketing performance of websites and aim to increase the conversions of website visitors to buyers. The main clients that benefit from this are e-commerce, education, recruitment, retail, media, travel agent and hotel booking websites. Especially “f-tra CTA” is in very high demand in Thailand as it is one of the most basic marketing tools for a website and can be quickly and conveniently managed and monitored by the user.

“f-code’s great popularity in Thailand after less than a year of operations shows that the demand for cutting-edge web marketing tools is high both in Japan and abroad. This has already lead us to plan the expansion to further Southeast Asian countries such as Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam next year,” says Mr. Shimada, Managing Director of f-code(Thailand) Co., Ltd.

About f-code Thailand Co., Ltd.: For the past ten years, f-code Inc. has been providing web marketing consulting services in Japan and started providing user interface optimization tools in 2012.Through specialized new technology, f-code has been able to improve its customers’ website performance significantly with a minimum investment of time and funds. By creating personalized solutions f-code has assisted over 2000 companies in Japan with their web marketing services and is has started expanding its business to ASEAN by opening its first subsidiary in Thailand in February 2016.