CAT Launches APG Submarine Cable System in Response to Higher Traffic in Asia-Pacific Region

CAT Launches APG Submarine Cable System in Response to Higher Traffic in Asia-Pacific Region

CAT builds new submarine cable system APG supporting super high-speed data capacity as global content businesses are coming to Asia to build business foothold, resulting in constant high traffic. Demand of international bandwidth for Thailand in the next 3 years is expected to increase by 6 times. CAT Internet Gateway is also revealed to be the first in Thailand to be expanding the bandwidth with 100 Gbps. technology to build up confidence for growing customers.

According to Dr. Dhanant Subhadrabandhu, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales, at CAT Telecom Public Company Limited, CAT has provided data communication and internet connectivity to overseas destinations through submarine cable systems that ensure faster and more efficient transmission than any other means. Continuously dramatic growth in demand of internet bandwidth both domestic and international has been witnessed over the past 5 years. The congestion of internet traffic in Asia is due to the expansion of internet users. Besides, such big content providers as Google, Youtube, Facebook, Microsoft, and Akamai are expanding their business in Asia, including Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan. Especially, demands of internet bandwidth among Thailand’s neighboring countries who are forming new economic zones, namely Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia, are growing rapidly. CAT is then urged to develop more internet transmission routes through submarine cable system, which will allow CAT to serve the need of internet consumption in present and future days. Recently, CAT has activated a new submarine cable system of high standard – Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) in response to the growing usage of internet and proliferating demands of information communication among countries in Asia with the most efficiency.

The 10,900-kilometre APG system provides direct connectivity routes from Thailand to such Asia-Pacific countries as Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Taiwan, China Mainland, South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong. The bandwidth can be expanded with transmission speed over 54 Tbps (Terabit per second), which is more than 54 million times of 1 Mbps (Megabit per second) – the highest capacity of bandwidths ever available in Thailand. APG is, as a result, distinctive for its best capacity to support the density of data communication and internet traffic in Asia-Pacific region efficiently.

Through APG, as an extended submarine cable system route, potentiality for international information connectivity is amplified, adding CAT’s submarine cable routes up to total 6 active systems. CAT is consequently the only operator in Thailand to own various submarine cable routes that directly connect Thailand with the most regions in the world and is the most responsive to the need of internet consumption in the age of big data available on various applications. In addition, as an extended route from CAT’s formerly-built Asia-America Gateway (AAG), APG will increase Thailand’s opportunity in being ASEAN Digital Hub as well as enhance CAT’s potentiality and stability for holistic international communication to build confidence among internet users and content providers who are interested in investment in Thailand as internet hub in distributing information and contents to users in the region in the near future.

“The development on APG submarine cable system does not only get CAT prepared for being ASEAN digital hub, but also supports digital economy following ‘Thailand 4.0’ policy, especially the development of Smart City where the concept of Internet of Things (IoT) is widely adopted. APG submarine cable system offers sufficient capacity and constant efficiency in information transmission at high speed for big data analysis and IoT connectivity.” said Dr. Dhanant.

CAT has also been prepared to support larger bandwidth for data communication and internet connectivity in Thailand in the next 3 years from 3 Tbps. to 15-20 Tbps. – approximately 6 times increase. Within next year, CAT Internet Gateway will be activating high speed bandwidth at 100 Gbps. per port to link big content providers across the world with various international submarine cable systems CAT has co-invested including APG, AAG, and SEA-ME-WE 4 (Southeast Asia-Middle East- Western Europe 4) This bandwidth expansion will serve the need of international users and boost up the stability, making CAT the first in Thailand to offer Nx100 Gbps. connectivity through international submarine cable systems by 2017.