KMITL in cooperation with True Corp open “True Lab @ Ladkrabang”, a center for R & D of innovations, as a driving force to Thailand 4.0

KMITL in cooperation with True Corp  open “True Lab @ Ladkrabang”,

a center for R & D of innovations, as a driving force to Thailand 4.0

King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL) has cooperated with True Corporation to create an ecosystem for research and innovation to fulfill integrated teaching, enhance creativity, and build on new ideas that genuinely work for thai students and teachers. True Lab @ Ladkrabang is opened as a center for research and development of innovations under an atmosphere that is conducive to advanced invention and innovation. This is to strengthen its potential to be the leading institution with excellence in research and development in science and technology. There is also a cooperation in the term of scholarships for research, for which True Corporation will provide support to students of all levels as well as the opportunity to expand business with True. The initiative is expected to help develop the country’s manpower with knowledge on research and innovation, enhance the benefits and value to society at national level and comply with the government policy to drive Thailand 4.0.

Prof. Dr. Suchatchavee Suwansawat, KMITL’s Rector, said “while the country is being driven to the age of Thailand 4.0 with innovation and knowledge base, learning in a new era will be Education 4.0 for both teaching, classroom and modern laboratory that stimulate critical thinking, creativity, research and development, and bring about innovations that meet lifestyle, business and industry. KMITL is committed to providing its students to learn both academic and practical training alongside ethics, leadership and advancement of the latest technology. A few days ago, KMITL launched a CubeSat satellite, which is small square box in size, to the space for the first time under the Spacebox satellite project, a research and experiment of engineering model satellites project by fourth-year engineering students. It is a pleasure that today True Lab @ Ladkrabang has been debuted. It is a tremendous creativity through a collaboration of two leaders of True Corporation, a leading provider of convergence and integrated communication services, and KMITL, a leader in education, research and development of science and technology. Both parties share the aim to open the learning center for research and innovation creations, enhance the learning process of students in order for them to apply knowledge from the classroom to experiment, research and further develop a piece of work that benefits society. This is consistent with the goals of KMITL to become one of the universities of science and technology in 10 ASEAN countries and drive Thailand into Thailand 4.0 together.”

Dr. Theerapol Thanomsakyut, chief of Innovation and Sustainability, True Corporation Plc said “True Corporation puts the emphasis on innovation and supports the development of people, who are competent in science and technology continually under the concept of creating an ecosystem that contributes to creating innovations to benefit society and the country. The collaboration with King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang is a collaborative research, development and innovation project. Set up with an investment budget of 10 million baht, True Lab @ Ladkrabang provide a space to nurture and support students with knowledge and creative ideas to be able to conduct new researches and come up with new ideas to be applied and develop as masterpieces. Besides, it also supports research funding, worth totally 500,000 baht. True Corporation will provide them to all students and teachers including the sharing of knowledge in various fields as well as the transfer of practical experiences to students. True Corporation believes that this partnership will create great value and benefit to students and the university, and strengthen the institution to sustainably build up excellence in research and development as well as in science and technology sustainably.

True Lab @ Ladkrabang is located on the 1st floor of building 12 at KMITL’s Faculty of Engineering with an area of about 150 square meters. It is divided into 3 parts: (1) private office – a working area for the funded researchers. Integrated and comprehensive range of IT services such as computers, high speed internet with full facilities are provided here, (2) Auditorium – a meeting room with full facilities and (3) Community – a relaxing corner with drinks and bakeries from True Coffee. True Corporation has already installed high speed internet network throughout the entire True Lab @ Ladkrabang to facilitate the internet connectivity, while knowledge channels and quality programs from TrueVisions are also available.  For further research support, True Corporation will offer the grants for research to students at all levels as to introduce the concept and research results on various topics that can be developed to be new innovations.