More Innovations Come to World Cyber Arena in 2017

More Innovations Come to World Cyber Arena in 2017

BEIJING–March 28, 2017–PRNewswire/InfoQuest

World Cyber Arena (WCA), a China based global eSports tournament leader, released its new-year plans at a press conference held in Beijing on March 23, declaring that the company will have more innovations and advancements in 2017.

 Innovations on the tournaments

WCA will embrace more opportunities in 2017 and has made some innovations and adjustments on its tournament plans. On one hand, the tournament adopts the same system of Olympic Games and adds more types of eSports competition, transforming WCA into an event where global players can participate and enjoy. On the other hand, WCA is promoting a higher level of culture, advancing not only competitive sportsmanship, but also national pride.

 Expanding WCA Global eSports Alliance

WCA Global eSports Alliance was established last December at WCA’s headquarters in Yinchuan, the capital city of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in northwest China, where WCA held its first eSports summit with eSports companies and associations from more than twenty countries and regions. This year WCA is planning to add ten more members and create a platform that all parties can share and achieve win-win situations.

 Pioneering international eSports education

Partnering with GH eSports education, WCA is creating an international eSports education project, utilizing resources form organizations and institutions including colleges, universities, global eSports alliance, top-level tournament platforms, on-line and off-line education centers. The project will be a complete system that integrates eSports course designing, faculty training and the employment of eSports-major graduates. WCA is also expanding this project to the international market so that the best ideas and talents in the industry will be shared globally.

WCA is on the path of its excellence in 2017. Already a landmark of eSports third-party platforms in the world, WCA will continue to innovate and perfect its tournament system, as well as foster the ecosystem of eSports.