InfoQuest and ThaiQuest Announce Business Restructuring to Enhance Product and Service Efficiency

InfoQuest and ThaiQuest Announce Business Restructuring

to Enhance Product and Service Efficiency

InfoQuest Limited and ThaiQuest Limited announce the group’s restructuring to focus the business direction of each company – InfoQuest in news-related products and ThaiQuest in finance-related products. Both companies are confident the restructuring will enhance the business development and services efficiency.   

InfoQuest and ThaiQuest are the leading providers of online news and information services in Thailand, delivering expertise in information and technology. Jalthong Patamapongs, the group’s chairman, said the group has completed its separation and transfer of the news and finance-related operations, effective 1 April, 2017. InfoQuest has transferred its finance-related business operations — Aspen and news feed for stock prices and commodities — to ThaiQuest. In addition to developing technologies and financial and investment innovations, ThaiQuest will also provide financial and stocks news services. InfoQuest will stay committed to businesses related to news and news information comprising of iQNewsClip, NewsCenter, iQMediaLink and News Feed.

The restructuring is aimed at facilitating future business expansion, enhancing efficiency, and improving business agility for both companies. The separation enables effective allocation of resources to drive forward the development of specialized products. ThaiQuest will focus on developing innovations for investment and financial information services through the operational consolidation of software development, technical operations, data management, sales, and customer services. Meanwhile, InfoQuest can fully dedicate its resources to news production and news services at greater capacity.

The separation and restructuring of InfoQuest and ThaiQuest will not affect business partners or clients in essence as both companies aim to complement each other. ThaiQuest’s clients in the financial and securities sector will continue to benefit from InfoQuest news on Aspen service. In addtition, ThaiQuest also has exclusive rights to distribute InfoQuest news feed to its customers in the financial sector. The restructuring also enables each company to actively engage the development of products and services that meet the needs of customers effectively.

“The restructuring has no impact on business operations since the major shareholders, management and key personnel remain unchanged. We believe the restructuring will allow both companies to better focus on their operations and achieve their objectives faster.” said Mr Jalthong.

After the restructuring, ThaiQuest and InfoQuest will still have the same shareholding structure. Mr. Jalthong Patamapongs will remain the major shareholder and the chairman of both companies.

About InfoQuest

InfoQuest is an online news agency and a service provider of news and data through the premier, real-time online system in Thailand. In addition to online news and data produced by editorial and content development teams, InfoQuest also aggregates news and data from hundreds of sources. Content coverage includes local newspapers, local and international news agencies, research centers, securities companies, credit rating agencies, and government agencies. InfoQuest also offers press release distribution service domestically and internationally to various global destinations.

The company provides the following services: “NewsCenter” online news and information service, “iQNewsClip” online news clipping service, and “iQMediaLink” news release distribution service to domestic and international destinations.

About ThaiQuest

ThaiQuest is a financial technology innovator and developer with expertise in the fields of managing high-volume data in real-time. ThaiQuest has its own R&D team which specializes in designing complex software for real-time processing, the key to investment and financial information services.

ThaiQuest is also the designer, developer and owner of ThaiQuest Enterprise Search, a high-speed search engine that support both English and Thai. The software supports unlimited data storage space and can deliver search results in seconds. Winning awards from the IT Princess, TICTA, and APICTA, the software has been widely recognized domestically and across the Asia Pacific region among private and public organizations.