A Gaming News Website Is Now a New Entry in G2A’s Portfolio

A Gaming News Website Is Now a New Entry in G2A’s Portfolio

 HONG KONG, May 30, 2017/PRNewswire/InfoQuest

G2A News is a growing website dedicated to providing visitors with the latest news about the gaming industry. As a journalist division of the digital marketplace G2A.COM, there are several categories of content available on the steadily growing website.

The appearance of the G2A News website (PRNewsfoto/G2A.com)

This gaming news portal has an expanding base of over a thousand stories relevant to the gaming industry. The stories date back to October 2016 and the archive grows on a daily basis. This category contains information about new game announcements and releases, trending events, and many other aspects of the gaming industry.

The Reviews category contains the writers’ opinions on new games, presented in a reader-friendly, largely casual register. Each review contains a summary of the good and the bad traits of a reviewed game, as well as a percentile score. There are also tables detailing the system requirements and the specifications of hardware used to test the game, when applicable.

Previews are a collection of early glimpses at upcoming productions, gathering disjointed information from many sources into one comprehensive article.

The last of the major categories is Features. This section gathers texts that don’t belong elsewhere. Monthly lists of new game releases, game spotlights, “Top X” lists, and more fall into this category.

G2A News does not focus only on PC games but instead welcomes all branches of the gaming industry, including the esports scene and, on occasion, mobile applications. The website is created by people deeply connected to and knowledgeable about the gaming industry, which ensures high content value.

The website has a native comment system, allowing users to submit their own opinions by providing an email address, without any external comment system providers like Discus. The discussions are moderated to ensure civility of interactions between users.

Although the current shape of G2A News is in the “beta” stage, the website is fully functioning, and the changes are largely meant to improve user experience.

The website can be found at news.g2a.com

CONTACT: pr@g2a.com

Source: G2A.com