G2A Broadens its Offer with Game Packages

G2A Broadens its Offer with Game Packages

HONG KONG–May 22, 2017–PRNewswire/InfoQuest

G2A.COM, a digital marketplace specializing in video games which has many supporting services in its ecosystem, presents a new product in its offer. G2A Deal is a package of several PC games, currently averaging at five, sold together at a fraction of the retail price of the included productions.

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Each Deal is available for roughly a month, allowing customers to research the games and decide on the purchase method. The customers can decide to buy a one-time package granting access to all games included. There are no recurring payments or hidden costs beyond VAT and processing fees mentioned on the purchase page.

Alternatively, one can decide to subscribe to the service at a lower, but recurring price. As the service progresses and gains momentum, subscription will start including additional benefits for those who partake in it. The specific plans are not yet revealed, however.

All game deals are created in close cooperation with the developers and publishers, with activation keys acquired directly from them. Previous editions included parts of the DiRT franchise, several independently published games like SUPERHOT, and adventure game classics Syberia 1 and 2. The contents of each edition are always revealed in advance of the launch on the company’s gaming news website G2A News.

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Source: G2A.com