G2A to Organize an Esports Bootcamp for Virtus.pro and Natus Vincere

G2A to Organize an Esports Bootcamp for Virtus.pro and Natus Vincere

HONG KONG and RZESZÓW, Poland, May 8, 2017/PRNewswire/InfoQuest

G2A.COM is hosting a bootcamp for esports teams Virtus.pro and Natus Vincere at its research and development center in Rzeszów, Poland. From May 16th to May 20th, G2A will be home to a special training bootcamp for two of its sponsored esports teams.

G2A.COM is hosting an esports bootcamp for Virtus.pro and Na’Vi in its research and development center in Rzeszów, Poland (PRNewsfoto/G2A.com)

Esports, otherwise known as electronic sports, are a professional sport in which teams or individual gamers compete with each other in video game tournaments. The industry is extremely fast growing, and G2A is doing its part to support this progress by investing over $10 million in esports to date, and working with over 70 teams in more than 100 esports and gaming events. Now G2A is taking its support a step further by organizing a special esports training bootcamp for teams Virtus.pro and Natus Vincere (otherwise known as Na’Vi) right in one of its own offices.

Both Virtus.pro and Na’Vi are ranked in the top five esports teams in the world, and compete in the multiplayer first-person shooter video game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The two teams will train for multiple hours a day over the course of four days by playing, planning out strategies, and analyzing footage from competitors. The bootcamp will allow the teams an opportunity to train under the care of both their trainers and a special psychologist, and gives them a chance to integrate with each other. While these trainings are typically organized behind closed doors directly by the teams themselves, this time G2A will host and share the training with fans worldwide.

There is also a battle of the fans taking place during the Virtus.pro and Na’Vi bootcamp, in the form of a YouTube Redemption challenge. The team that wins the challenge will be able to think up a task which the losing team must perform on video. The task can be anything the winning team comes up with – from bathing a pig, to dancing in hot dog costumes. Fans will have the opportunity to save their favorite team from the possibly embarrassing task by visiting http://youtuberedemption.com. The battle of the fans runs from May 4th to May 18th, and features the chance to win various attractive prizes, including G2A.COM giftcards.

G2A will post live updates and relations from the bootcamp on its official Twitter (https://twitter.com/G2A_com) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/G2Acom/) pages.

Source: G2A.com