How uHoo started

How uHoo started

The idea for uHoo started as a conceptual idea to solve a serious problem that Dustin Jefferson S. Onghanseng has been facing. Dustin who has suffered from hay fever (rhinitis) since childhood, realized that air quality made a difference between “getting by” and feeling healthy. Suffering from bad air quality in Hong Kong led him down a path of research and discovery.

Dustin teamed up with electrical engineer Brian Lin, an asthma sufferer, who also happens to be his MBA classmate from HKUST. They pitched uHoo and won a number of awards from MBA business plan competitions from Bangkok and Shanghai to Hong Kong and Portland Oregon. Seeing that the idea has legs, both Dustin and Brian, dropped their classes in June 2014 and incorporated uHoo in August 2014.

For nearly two years, they built a product, incorporating the most important features and benefits from their focus group feedback. They designed uHoo to be the most advanced indoor air quality sensor on the market, with eight dedicated sensors, which no other product can match and launched an Indiegogo campaign in May 2016, which goal was achieved in just 48 hours.

After the successful Indiegogo campaign, uHoo, within 6 months, has obtained a smart city contract in Germany, became the champion of Seedstars Hong Kong and IBM global entrepreneur for 2016. uHoo is also currently conducting live trials with property developers, schools and corporate offices in various cities in Europe and Asia with hotels and more corporate offices waiting in line for the next batch of products that will be shipped. Full scale shipment for consumers is scheduled for May 23, 2017.

Chronology / Milestones / Achievements
2014 August – Founded uHoo
2015 April – Raised first round of funding
2015 September – Talent Unleashed (judged by Richard Branson) Runner-up
2016 May – Launched Indiegogo campaign (hit goal in 48 hours)
2016 July – Seedstars Hong Kong Champion
2016 October – Smart city contract in Germany
2016 November – IBM Global Entrepreneur for 2016
2017 March – Get in the Ring Singapore Champion
2017 March – Obtained FCC, CE, RoHS and REACH certification for uHoo hardware
2017 April – Pilot with property developers in various cities in Europe and Asia
2017 April – Seedstars Global Summit Top 12
2017 April – Commence mass production of uHoo
2017 May – Delivery of Indiegogo orders
2017 May – Get in the Ring Global Conference Finalist
Value of uHoo to corporates / buildings
1. Enhance occupant health and well being
2. Digitize building management and make buildings smarter and greener
3. Reduce energy costs through optimal use of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems
Value of uHoo to homes / families
1. Understand the triggers of your respiratory conditions (asthma, hay fever, etc) and prevent them
2. Change your habits and the products you use to minimize air pollutants at home.
3. Peace of mind that your family is always safe
Social media blurbs
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