CAT Joins Forces with SPOTwerkz to Provide Wi-Fi Advertising Service, Promoting C smart Wi-Fi to Address Digital Marketing Demands

CAT Joins Forces with SPOTwerkz to Provide Wi-Fi Advertising Service,

Promoting C smart Wi-Fi to Address Digital Marketing Demands

Moving forward to Thailand 4.0, CAT Telecom Public Co., Ltd. (CAT) has teamed up with SPOTwerkz Thailand to offer Wi-Fi advertising service “C smart Wi-Fi”. This new service enables businesses to analyze consumer behaviors more deeply, quickly and accurately, allowing more effectively reach potential customers with Right Time Targeted Marketing approach.

Bangkok – July 26 , 2017 : Colonel Sappachai Huwanant, president of CAT Telecom, said that CAT  sees a good opportunity for developing a new tool for digital marketing service tailored for businesses that want to present their products or services, along with relevant information, directly to potential customers. Via CAT’s Wi-Fi networks,  the new C smart Wi-Fi service combined CAT Wi-Fi with SPOTanalytics technology from SPOTwerkz Thailand. Incorporating big data analytics, with rapidly and accurately identify marketing trends, customer requirements and useful business information. Therefore, C smart Wi-Fi will definitely be the effective service to help drive business success in the Thailand 4.0 era.

CAT will expand its Wi-Fi coverage, especially in major cities and tourist destinations such as Phuket, Pattaya, etc. as well as shopping malls. In the future, CAT plans to extend its Wi-Fi coverage to hospitals, paving the way for its C smart Wi-Fi service. The new service will be first available at Patong Beach, Phuket Province.

Mr. Tepparit Ritthongpitak, CEO, SPOTwerkz (Thailand) Co., Ltd., the leading provider of total Wi-Fi marketing solutions and Right Time Targeted Marketing service, said that as a powerful marketing tool, SPOTanalytics links consumer behaviors in the physical world with online consumer behaviors, enabling marketers to achieve in-depth analysis and deliver new marketing campaigns optimized for specific target groups at the right time. This offers a new advertising channel apart from the existing channels such as TV, radio and websites.

With reliable, uninterrupted Internet connection over fiber optic networks provided by CAT, this collaboration will create a new channel for customer engagement, along with innovative Wi-Fi marketing packages that combine advertising service and consumer behavior analysis. Businesses can examine specific interests, and create targeted marketing campaigns based on actionable insights and deliver them in the right place at the right time. This is the key of Right Time Targeted Marketing, which can appropriately accommodate requirements in today’s business landscape driven by digital technology. Customers of SPOTanalytics include companies in various industries, including Wal-Mart, Pizza Pizza, French Connection, The Coffee Club, Yamaha and Canon, according to Mr. Tepparit Ritthongpitak.