NTT Communications Launches Graphical 3D Solution and DaaS

NTT Communications Launches
Graphical 3D Solution and DaaS

The two solutions will revolutionize user experience, allowing people to create virtual workspace at anytime, anywhere through any devices.

Bangkok: July 26, 2017 – NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), the ICT solutions and international communications business within the NTT Group (TYO: 9342), announces the launch of NTT Com’s two notable solutions; Graphical 3D Solution and Desktop as a Service (DaaS), to enhance the continuity of people’ works while on the go.

Graphical 3D Solution is designed to allow users to access graphic and 3D profiles as well as animation pieces virtually through Internet-based and Wifi-based devices. DaaS, meanwhile, is a virtual desktop infrastructure which enables users to gain remote access to applications and data stored centrally at the server to work from anywhere at anytime via any portable devices. NTT Com can provide both On-Premise and as a service according to customer requirement.

Mr. Masatoshi Tsuboi, Vice President/COO of Sales Consulting, Product & Service, Data Center Department, NTT Communications (Thailand), said the two solutions were developed to respond anytime-anywhere workers who want to create their workspace on network-connected devices on the cloud. The solutions enhance the new style of working pattern in digital era that requires a tool to remotely access any working pieces for fast decision and presentation.

Graphical 3D Solution, he said, comes to eliminate the limitation of huge graphic-based file transfer and the incompatibility of device and software performance. The solution enables users to virtually launch and run graphical 3D files and animation pieces on any computing and mobile devices with simultaneous graphic performance by no need to spend time for download.

Animation and graphic design business, hospitals which require X-ray film file transfer for diagnosis, automotive industry, printing houses, and educational institutions are target customers for the solution.

He said that NTT Com will help customers to manage and design working process and implement the system to suit the individual working requirements and details. Customers don’t need to purchase many high performance workstations for each user. This virtual workstation environment helps to reduce TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), Operation cost and improve ROI (Return On Investment).  This also includes the deployment of security system for data remote access through the central control unit at NTT Com data center.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) is another NTT Com’s service to build virtual desktop infrastructure, allowing users to utilize the same desktop environment as the company from anywhere at anytime remotely through network-connected devices such as tablets, smartphones, personal notebook or even smart TVs.

DaaS provides enhanced security and smooth user experience by hosting the data in the centralized server, not in the user’s machine which can be lost, destroyed, or stolen. End-users can gain remote access to the applications and data from anywhere using their login details with the authentication application to secure user accessing. Centralization helps companies with enhanced backup and reliable computing solutions. The platform also helps reduce operational cost, as changes and modifications are done at a central level rather than in each and every desktop.

The service is suitable for telecommuting workers, small and medium businesses (SMEs) and start-up companies. The monthly service fee is flexible according to usage with no upfront charges. Additionally, NTT Com offers around-the-clock helpdesk service as well as takes management of operation monitoring of each type of server.

For more information, please contact or call at 02-236-7227.

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NTT Communications provides network management, security solution, cloud and consultancy services to enhance information and communications technology (ICT)’s efficiency for business enterprises. All the services are developed upon NTT’s state-of-the-art network infrastructure including Tier-1 IP network and Arcstar Universal One VPN, which now covers 196 countries worldwide. The company also has 140 innovative and secured data centers located around the world under the synergy of NTT Group of companies including Dimension Data, NTT Docomo and NTT Data.